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Chemistry and Energy Engineering


Energy Materials and Systems

Keywords of the research field are as follows: fuel cell systems, hydrogen fuel cell systems, hydrogen engine systems, hydrogen combustion, hydrogen storage, carbon technology. catalysts and catalysis, novel use of energy resources, sustainability of chemical process.

Energy Materials and Characterization

Keywords of the research field are as follows: preparation of nano-materials and sophisticated materials for energy, materials and chemical processes for hydrogen production, CO2 reduction, and environmental decontamination, photocatalytic material, characterization of materials, compositional and structural analyses of materials, development of new analytical methods.

Energy Materials Chemistry

Keywords of the research field are as follows: organic materials for energy, self-assembled materials for energy, organized thin films, materials for fuel cell, energy conversion materials, materials for dye-sensitized solar cell, composite proton conductors, novel type photo-catalysts, environmental materials, functional materials.

Polymer Chemistry and Biochemistry

Keywords of the research field are as follows: design and synthesis of novel functional polymers, liquid-crystalline materials for optoelectronic applications, nano-structured thin films for anhydrous proton conductors, energy materials based on biomimetic molecules, enzyme technology for biomass utilization, functionalized biomembranes based on self-assembly techniques.


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