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Information Engineering


Control System Engineering(Automatic Control)

Aiming at the development of automatic system control technologies for the use in robot engineering and transport systems. Robotics, classical and modern control theory, system analysis and system engineering.

Computer Engineering (Computer Architecture)

Aiming at the advancement of high performance computer systems. Computer architecture, microprocessors, hardware description language and System LSI design.

Computer Software Engineering (Computer Software)

Aiming at the development of advanced computer software including embedded software. Operating systems, distributed computing, real-time processing and software engineering.

Vision and Graphics(Vision and Graphics)

Aiming at the development in image processing and computer graphics. Image processing, computer vision, computer graphics, visual computing, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

Intelligent Information Technology (Intelligent Information Processing)

Aiming at the advancement of media computing targeting natural language, speech and other human media. Intelligent information processing from digital signal processing to artificial intelligence.

Communication Systems(Communication Systems)(Mobile Devices)

Base technologies of communication systems of 3rd and 4th generation, wireless LAN are main research field. Main themes are transmission technology, wireless resource control, channel control in high speed and wide band internet communication using packets.
Research interest of the laboratory is PLC (Power Line Communication), ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line), Wireless LAN and UWB (Ultra Wide Band) communication, in which EMC is very important item to compose the system.

Effects of the electro-magnetic wave used in mobile system on human body, medical devices, wireless LAN are research themes. Small antenna for mobile device is another research subject.

Integrated Systems(Integrated Systems)

In information technology including information communication, electronic circuit is a key technology. Development of high performance system LSI is main research theme.


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