About TCU

Message from the President

Chitoshi MikiPresident of Tokyo City University

“Let our dreams grow wings” is the title of our school song. The first verse reads: “With a spirit toward the future, we will learn of the immortal soul. Radiating individuals’ personality, we will try to gain deeper wisdom together with friends for tomorrow. Having the passions of youth in our hands, we will grow the wings of dreams, the wings of dreams.”

This song was written to represent Tokyo City University when the university group was formed in April 2009. The university aims to foster personnel who will bear the country’s future by inheriting the history of the Musashi Institute of Technology founded in 1929 and the tradition of Toyoko Gakuen Women’s College established in 1938. The song was created to embrace the vision and spirit of the university. The university evolves as a place where every student, instructor, and graduate cherishes and realizes their ambitions.

We are now advancing reforms based on our medium- and long-term plan, Action Plan 2030. The plan clarifies the ideals of the university for the 90th anniversary of its founding in 2019 and on the 100th in 2029 and shows how to implement reforms in all aspects of education, research, management, and the campus. The targets of the plan are to become a prominent university with a strong presence in Tokyo, a cosmopolitan city, and to rank within the top 300 of the world’s best universities.

Universities are education and research institutions responsible for encouraging students to dream and to develop the abilities to fulfill those dreams. The scale of educational effects should be how well the students have improved their abilities between entering the school and graduating. From such a viewpoint, we intend to be recognized as the best value university.

Tokyo City University is promoting the development of human resources with the practical ability to play active roles in the world. From 2015, for new students, we will start TAP (Tokyo City University Australia Program) in Perth, Australia. The purpose of the new program is to cultivate students as real international personnel through an original curriculum designed in collaboration with Edith Cowan University in Perth. In the program, 200 students will stay in Perth for five months. Besides the program, we will prepare a variety of programs for developing global human resources, such as international internships and study of foreign languages abroad. If you hope to be an international person, Tokyo City University is the perfect place.

The university is located in an extremely good environment very close to the center of Tokyo, a cosmopolitan city. Let’s visualize your dreams and make them come true on this campus. Let our dreams grow wings, think globally, and act locally!