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Planning in ArchitecturePlanning in Architecture

Master's ProgramDoctoral Program

Basic and practical planning with designing as a final goal. Covers architectural planning to urban planning.

Architectural DesignArchitectural Design

Master's ProgramDoctoral Program

Basic concepts that are decisive in architectural planning and design, studied from the philosophical, sociological, and psychological point of view.

Pranning of Urban EnvironmentPranning of Urban Environment

Master's ProgramDoctoral Program

1. Educational research focused on conditions of planning material living environment.
2. Study of basic issues concerning structural safety and catastrophe prevention as part of living environment.

Architecture StructuresArchitecture Structures

Master's ProgramDoctoral Program

Research on building structures in general, with special emphasis on pre-cast reinforced concrete structures, as well as analysis of reliability against earthquake, wind, and waves.

Building Materials and Construction MethodsBuilding Materials and Construction Methods

Master's ProgramDoctoral Program

Various issues concerning architectural production systems are investigated, such as traditional organizational structure, process, management concepts and techniques for building construction. New innovative methodology for the future is also studied.

Architectural Environment and ServicesArchitectural Environment and Services

Master's ProgramDoctoral Program

Research on how to set a goal and plan an architectural environment and facilities, techniques for analyzing function and performance, as well as design technology.