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Mechanical EngineeringMechanical Engineering


Fluid Mechanics(Fluid Engineering)Fluid Mechanics
(Fluid Engineering)

Master's ProgramDoctoral Program

Fluid dynamic problems are analyzed and applications of fluid on machinery are investigated. Especially, fluid visualization techniques are featured for analysis, micro /nano fluidic devices are developed and research on jet flows engineering are addressed.

Internal Combustion Engines (Internal Combustion Engines)Internal Combustion Engines
(Internal Combustion Engines)

Master's ProgramDoctoral Program

Various phenomena including lubrication and combustion are studied in order to improve performance of Internal Combustion Engines and to reduce toxic exhaust gas. By developing original measurement methods, engines are tested and various phenomena are investigated along with theoretical analysis.

Elastic analysis and Strength of Materials (Solid Mechanics)Elastic analysis and Strength of Materials
(Solid Mechanics)

Master's ProgramDoctoral Program

In order to develop advanced hybrid materials and structural materials that are used in aircraft and automobile structures, basic research is conducted concerning static and dynamic mechanical properties and fatigue characteristics.

Machine Dynamics (Machine Dynamics)Machine Dynamics
(Machine Dynamics)

Master's ProgramDoctoral Program

As an example of "shock and response" about automobile mechanical structure and the human body, in this course, the collision safety performance is studied in order to protect passenger and pedestrian. Application of modeling and control system designed by modern control theory for the improvement of vehicles dynamics is also studied.

Materials Engineering (Materials Engineering)Materials Engineering
(Materials Engineering)

Master's ProgramDoctoral Program

Development and analysis of new functional and structural materials, such as boride based hard materials, thermoelectric materials, and surface modified materials with nano-structures. Another focus is the characteristics and new evaluation methods of fatigue for steels and surface modified materials.

Precision Machining (Surface Engineering and Machining)Precision Machining
(Surface Engineering and Machining)

Master's ProgramDoctoral Program

Developments of surface finishing methods taking into consideration environmental preservation and safer recycling methods of waste materials. Studies on advanced machining methods for precise grinding, polishing and shot-peening and their applications, such as dental materials.