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Mechanical Systems EngineeringMechanical Systems Engineering


Control Information Systems (Control System Engineering)Control Information Systems
(Control System Engineering)

Master's ProgramDoctoral Program

High performance mechanical systems are developed by analysis and computers. High power, force, velocity, and position are controlled for oil hydraulic servo systems. New advanced computer-based control methods for ground vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, and spacecraft are explored.

Strength Design Systems (Materials Engineering and Solid Mechanics)Strength Design Systems
(Materials Engineering and Solid Mechanics)

Master's ProgramDoctoral Program

Materials and structural strength directly related to the safety of the machinery in use are studied. Experiments and analytical simulations are examined from the point of view of fracture mechanics. X-ray diffraction is sued to measure and evaluate the strength of materials and machine elements. Advanced X-ray stress analysis is also developed.

Measurement System (Electronic Measurement)Measurement System
(Electronic Measurement)

Master's ProgramDoctoral Program

Measurement is the first step in engineering. Electronic measurement enables computer automated measurement, data processing, and image processing. Applied laser optical measurement and pulse ultrasonic measurement are studied.

Robotics (Advanced Robotics) (Mechanical Design)Robotics
(Advanced Robotics) (Mechanical Design)

Master's ProgramDoctoral Program

Control methods for robots supporting human activities in everyday-life as well as in micro-gravity environments are being developed and implemented. Both theoretical and practical research is performed, aiming to improve motion and force capabilities of humanoid robots, orbital space robots and domestic robots.

Thermo-Fluid Systems Engineering (Thermo-Fluid Systems Engineering)Thermo-Fluid Systems Engineering
(Thermo-Fluid Systems Engineering)

Master's ProgramDoctoral Program

Heat, energy and mass transfer in thermal and fluid engineering fields are investigated on turbine, aircraft engine, electric and electronic machinery, and automobile engine with experiment and numerical analysis. Recent research theme deals with the technology based on bio-thermo and fluid dynamics.

Space Systems Engineering (Spacecraft Structure) (Propulsion System)Space Systems Engineering
(Spacecraft Structure) (Propulsion System)

Master's ProgramDoctoral Program

Aiming at the creation of a new technological application field and the innovative spacecraft systems, we are studying large and/or ultra-light deployable space structures. We are developing a novel non-combustion propulsion system to construct a small launch system as well.