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Name NISHIBE Koichi
Official Title Associate Professor
Affiliation Faculty of Science and Engineering Department of Mechanical Engineering
Profile My research interests include topics related to multi-phase and particulate flows, performance improvement and active control of unsteady internal flow of positive displacement machines and turbomachinery such as pump, fan, compressor, based on understanding obtained by comparison between Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Experimental Fluid Dynamics (EFD).
Research Field(Keyword & Summary)
  1. (1) Jets/Synthetic jets

    Clarifies some fundamental flow characteristics of free synthetic jets and synthetic jets near a rigid boundary by conducting an experiment and numerical simulations.

  2. (2)Fluid machinary

    An attempt is made to clarify the flow instabilities downstream of inlet guide vanes and Return vanes by conducting experiments and performing a numerical simulation.

  3. (3) H2 Engine / Oil consumption

    Optimization of internal flow for the development of hydrogen engines using a numerical simulation.

Representative Papers
  1. [1] Zhang, Q., Tamanoi, Y., K., Kang, Nishibe, Yokota, K., Sato, K., 2023, Influence of Amplitude of Excited Secondary Flow on the Direction of Jets, TRANSACTIONS OF THE JAPAN SOCIETY FOR AERONAUTICAL AND SPACE SCIENCES , 66(2), 37-45.
  2. [2] Kobayashi, R., Watanabe, Y., Tamanoi, Y., Nishibe, K., Kang, D., Sato, K., 2020, Jet vectoring using secondary Coanda synthetic jets, Mechanical Engineering Journal, 7(5), 20-00215.
  3. [3] Kobayashi, R., Terakado, H., Sato, K., Taniguchi, J., Nishibe, K., Yokota, K., 2020, Behavior of Plane Synthetic Jets Generated by an Asymmetric Stepped Slot, Int. J. of Fluid Mach and Systems, 13(1), 253-265.
  4. [4] Kang, D., Shinohara, T., Nakamura, S., Nishibe, K., Sato, K., Yokota, K., Ohue, H., 2020, Performance degradation and flow instability of axial-flow fan due to upstream obstacle, ASME Journal of Fluids Engineering, 142(9), 091207.
  5. [5] Kang, D., Nishibe, K., Sato, K., Yokota, K., 2020, Three-Dimensional Theoretical Study on Flow Characteri-stics of a Spiral-Channel Viscous Micropump, International Journal of Fluid Machinery and Systems, 12(2), 169-180.
  6. [6] Nishibe, K., Nomura, Y., Noda, K., Ohue, H., Sato, K., 2018, Influence of Stroke on Performance Characteristics of Synthetic Jet Fan, Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics, 11(4), 945-856.
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  1. Flight vehicle (2022 Application)
Award AFMC Younf Engineer Award / Komiya Awards
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research Support: Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS)
Research Grants/Projects including subsidies, donations, grants, etc. Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research © 21K03862
Recruitment of research assistant(s) No
Affiliated academic society (Membership type) The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, ASME(Member)
Turbomachinery Society of Japan (Editorial committee)
The Japanese Society for Multiphase Flow (Member)
Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, JSME (Member)
Education Field (Undergraduate level) Fluid mechanics
Education Field (Graduate level) Advanced Fluid mechanics