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Name SUDO Seiichi
Official Title Professor
Affiliation Deaprtment of Natural Science
Profile Water is one of the most abundant molecular species on the earth and is an indispensable substance for human life activities. For example, many of the substances related to life, food, and housing, which are the most important items in daily life, contain water inside, and their physical properties and functionality are formed by the electrical interaction between water-solute molecules. Determined by the molecular population.
The interaction between these molecules is constructed and decayed repeatedly in picoseconds (1/100 billion seconds), so the molecular population formed is a dynamic structure whose composition is constantly changing. Since it is difficult to observe "molecular dynamics" such as this extremely fast structural collapse / reconstruction and molecular interaction with surrounding solutes, there are many unexplained parts in the dynamic information of this molecular population. It has been actively verified by experiments and computer simulations.
In our laboratory, we elucidate the physical characteristics expression mechanism (mechanism) of "soft substances" such as liquids, living organisms, and foods by using wideband dielectric spectroscopy and self-light mixed laser measurement methods, which are the laboratory's original experimental techniques and equipment. We aim to understand what we do and on a common scale called "water structure".
Research Field(Keyword & Summary)
  1. Dielectric measurements, Slef-mixing solid laser measurements, soft matter, water

    We are analyzing the water structure using wideband dielectric spectroscopy and self-mixing laser to elucidate the molecular mechanism of origin of the physical properties of soft matter containing water inside.

Representative Papers
  1. Evaluation of resonance phenomena of mechanical oscillator by self-mixing solid-state laser Doppler vibrometry Seiichi Sudo, Kenju Otsuka Applied Optics 58 1530-1536 2019
  2. Investigation of the molecular dynamics of restricted water in wood by broadband dielectric measurements S. Sudo, Y. Suzuki, F. Abe, Y. Hori, T. Nishi, T. Kawaguchi, H. Saito, S. Yagihara Journal of Materials Science 53(6) 4645-4654 2018
  3. Dielectric study on hierarchical water structures restricted in cement and wood materials Fumiya Abe, Akihiro Nishi, Hironobu Saito, Megumi Asano, Seiei Watanabe, Rio Kita, Naoki Shinyashiki, Shin Yagihara, Minoru Fukuzaki, Seiichi Sudo, Youki Suzuki Measurement Science and Technology 28(4) 2017
  4. Observation of motion of colloidal particles undergoing flowing Brownian motion using self-mixing laser velocimetry with a thin-slice solid-state laser S. Sudo, T. Ohtomo, K. Otsuka APPLIED OPTICS 54(22) 6832-6840 2015
  5. Measurements of liquid surface fluctuations using a self-mixing solid-state laser S. Sudo, K. Otsuka JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS 115(23) 2014
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Recruitment of research assistant(s) No
Education Field (Undergraduate level) Dielectric measurement in mHz-MHz region
Education Field (Graduate level) Dielectric measurement in micro Hz-THz region