Name MIKAMI Takahito
Official Title Associate Professor
Affiliation Deptartment of Urban and Civil Engineering
Profile Takahito Mikami is currently working as an associate professor in the Department of Urban and Civil Engineering of Tokyo City University. He received his Doctorate degree in Engineering from Waseda University, Japan. Formerly, he was an assistant professor in the International Center for Science and Engineering Programs of Waseda University, Japan. His research field is coastal engineering especially coastal disasters, such as tsunami, storm surge, and high waves. He joined many international post-disaster field survey teams: 2009 Samoa Islands tsunami, 2010 Chile tsunami, 2010 Mentawai Islands tsunami, 2011 Tohoku tsunami, 2012 Hurricane Sandy storm surge, 2013 Typhoon Haiyan storm surge, 2018 Sulawesi tsunami, 2018 Sunda Strait tsunami. Based on the results of these field surveys, he analyses the mechanisms of disasters and physical and social vulnerabilities of each coastal area. He is also interested in conducting numerical simulation and hydraulic experiments for understanding the process of generation, propagation, and inundation of tsunami, storm surge, and high waves and their impacts on coastal communities.
Research Field(Keyword & Summary)
  1. Hydraulics, Coastal engineering, Natural disasters, Disaster risk reduction

    In areas facing coasts and rivers, it is required to deepen our understanding of various natural disasters such as tsunamis, storm surges, high waves, and floods, that may occur there, and also prepare for those in light of future changes in population, land use, social structure, etc. In our laboratory, based on surveys and analysis of disaster events around the world and analysis using numerical simulations, GIS, hydraulic experiments, etc., we are working on researches regarding mechanisms of disaster damage, measures for mitigating disaster damage, changes in vulnerability and risk to disasters, and how to construct a better relationship with coasts and rivers in the future.

Representative Papers
  1. (1) Esteban, M., Takabatake, T., Achiari, H., Mikami, T., Nakamura, R., Gelfi, M., Panalaran, S., Nishida, Y., Inagaki, N., Chadwick, C., Oizumi, K. & Shibayama, T. (2021): Field Survey of Flank Collapse and Run-up Heights due to 2018 Anak Krakatau Tsunami, Journal of Coastal and Hydraulic Structures, 1, 1-14. (doi:10.48438/jchs.2021.0001)
  2. (2) Tsimopoulou, V., Mikami, T., Hossain, T. T., Takagi, H., Esteban, M. & Utama, N. A. (2020): Uncovering unnoticed small-scale tsunamis: field survey in Lombok, Indonesia, following the 2018 earthquakes, Natural Hazards, 103(2), 2045-2070. (doi:10.1007/s11069-020-04071-z)
  3. (3) Mikami, T., Shibayama, T., Esteban, M. & Aránguiz, R. (2020): Comparative Analysis of Triggers for Evacuation during Recent Tsunami Events, Natural Hazards Review, 21(3), 04020022 (12 pages). (doi:10.1061/(ASCE)NH.1527-6996.0000386)
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Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research Support: Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS)
Affiliated academic society (Membership type) (1) Japan Society of Civil Engineers (member)
(2) Japan Society for Natural Disaster Science (member)
(3) Japan Association for Earthquake Engineering (member)
(4) Japanese Association for Coastal Zone Studies (member)
Education Field (Undergraduate level) Hydraulics, Coastal engineering, Natural disasters
Education Field (Graduate level) Advanced hydraulics