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Name CHANG Youngha
Official Title Associate Professor
Affiliation Computer Science, Information Technology
Profile My specialty is the processing of color in images, and I am continuing my research with the goal of establishing computational models of image color manipulation and color recognition.
For this purpose, I am interested in how humans process and recognize color stimuli.
Against this background, I have previously conducted experiments on the spread of basic color categories and proposed a computational color name prediction model.
In the future, I plan to conduct similar research on human color perception, and create a system that enables humans and computers to recognize colors similarly.
Research Field(Keyword & Summary)
  1. (1) Color Naming

    Human color recognition (color name discrimination) is not determined by a one-to-one correspondence to physical stimuli. It is determined by a variety of processes in the human eye and brain. It is a mechanism that has yet to be elucidated. The goal of this topic is to implement a method to discriminate color names in the same way as humans.

  2. (2) Color Manipulation

    Image editing has become familiar to us nowadays with various tools. However, it is still difficult to easily edit images the way we want.I am focusing on color editing of images, and researching methods to adjust colors in a simpler way.

  3. (3) Image Processing

    By performing various processes on the input image, the inherent information can be extracted, and based on this information, a new image can be generated by processing the image. We are working on a variety of issues ranging from the applied to the fundamental.

  4. (4) Image Recognition

    Based on the deep learning or conventional image processing approach, we are researching methods to recognize objects in images and the conditions under which the images were taken.

Representative Papers
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Award Tejima Kinen Ph.D Thesis award(2004), NICOGRAPH best paper award(2007), 国際CGaward(2009)
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research Support: Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS)
Affiliated academic society (Membership type) (1) ACM(Member)
(2) IPSJ(Member)
(3) The society for Art and Science (Member)
Education Field (Undergraduate level) Programming, Discrete Mathmatics
Education Field (Graduate level) Advanced Color Science