Name MUROTA Masako
Official Title Professor
Affiliation Restoration Ecology and Built Environment
Profile My speciality is urban planning, residential environmental design, and community development. I am interested in diverse problems in residential areas and sustainable communities. And I research on how to regenerate problematic residential areas, factor analysis of environmental failure in suburban areas, solving the environmental problems of vacant houses and vacant lots, utilization of open spaces and their health effects, quality of life for residents of super high-rise residential buildings, environmental management system of residential areas, relocating system of suburban areas, green management of residential areas, and effects of green on community and residential areas.
1. Factor analysis of deterioration of residential environmental management and development ofmethods of regenerating aging areas; Residential areas developed in large numbers on the 1960s and 70s are aging and need to be redeveloped in Japan. Until now, new development has been mainly carried out, and even now, methods for regenerating aging residential areas have not been established. We develop regeneration methods that improve regional value over time.
2. Revitalization and redesign of outdoor open spaces; Outdoor open spaces can be the centers of the communities and have environmental effects, health effects, and community exchange effects. Many of them are left unused, so we analyze the use of open spaces and develop revitalization methods.
3. Analysis of qualities of lives of residents in super high-rise residential buildings; Residents living in super high-rise residential buildings may have risks, such as large –scale repair costs, disaster prevention, healthy growth of children, isolation and health effects, conflicts with surrounding areas. We make clear these risks in terms of residents’ awareness and behaviors.
Research Field(Keyword & Summary)
  1. 1.Residential environment and community design

    Communities and health consciousness of residents of super high-rise residential buildings

  2. 2. Factor analysis of residential environment and development of the methods of renewal

    Analysis of environmental failure factors in suburban areas using GIS and residents' consciousness and development of the methods how to revitalization of the communities

  3. 3. Analysis of the change in residents' awareness by Covid-19

    Analysis of the change in residents' awareness regarding housing, outdoor spaces, daily living areas.

Representative Papers
  1. 1."SITUATION OF POOR CONDITIONED HOUSES AND RESIDENTIAL ENVIRONMENTAL AREA MANAGEMENT IN FAR SUBURBAN RESIDENTIAL AREAS OF GREATER TOKYO REGION:-Case study of Hatoyama Newtown in Saitama Pref.-"Journal of the Architectural Institute of Japan,Vol85,no.773 Jul. 2020
  3. 3."DEVELOPMENT OF OUTSIDE COMMUNITY SPACE BY CIVIC ACTIVITIES TO FORM STAYING FUNCTION:A case study of Nakagawa commercial district in Kohoku Newtown by using Machibushin subsidy"Journal of the Architectural Institute of Japan,Vol.84, No.758, Apr.2019
  4. 4."Measures of vacant houses based on intergenerational inheritance regarding inadequacy of management and uses"Urban housing sciences, No.104, Jan. 2019
  5. 5."Policies of vacant houses in several countries" Gakugei Pubulisher, Sep. 2018
  6. 6."Study on participation promotional factors of local residents towards the formation of environmentally friendly shopping districts"Journal of the Architectural Institute of Japan,Vol.82,No.741, Nov.2017
  7. 7."Study in the establishing process of the district plannning system" Journal of the city planning institute of Japan,Vol.52, No.3, Oct.2017
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Award 1."Award of Association of urban housing sciences"Association of urban housing sciences,Nov. 2019
2."Award of Japan Association for Real Estate Sciences"Japan Association for Real Estate Sciences,Nov. 2017
3."Award of academic papers"Association of Urban Housing Sciences,May. 2003
4."Award of Academic papers"Association of Japanese Real Estate Sciences,May. 2001
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research Support: Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS)
Research Grants/Projects including subsidies, donations, grants, etc. 1. Research grant from Kawasaki new city urban development foundation, 2020-2021
2.Research grant from Association of Real Estate Agents of Japan,2017-2019
3.Research grant from form Fudosan ryutu keiei kyokai, 2017-2018
Affiliated academic society (Membership type) 1. The Architectural Institute of Japan(member)
2.Association of Real Estate Agents of Japan(Senior member)
3.Japan association for community policy(Senior member)
4.Association of urban housing sciences(member)
5. the Japan association for property assessment(senior member)
6.The city planning institute in Japan(member)
Education Field (Undergraduate level) City planning theory, Urban residential environment theory, Community redevelopment theory
Education Field (Graduate level) Regional environment planning theory