Name KIMURA Mami
Official Title Associate Professor
Affiliation Environmental Management and Sustainabilty
Profile The starting point of my research is the illegal dumping of industrial waste that came to light in various places in the 1990s. I think the development of both the arterial and venous industries will lead to illegal dumping and garbage problems. I will conduct research that will lead to a partnership between the two sectors and stable management of the venous industry. Specifically, (1) improvement of the production process using MFCA (Material Flow Cost Accounting), (2) research on business continuity planning (BCP) and management control system, (3) the used products recycling flow.
Research Field(Keyword & Summary)
  1. (1) Research on improvement of the production process using MFCA (Material Flow Cost Accounting)

    In this research, waste products are investigated by investigating the actual recycling conditions in companies, regions, and the world for used products. The purpose is to predict the occurrence of risks due to illegal dumping and implement new methods of utilizing resources.

  2. (2) Research on business continuity planning (BCP) and management control system

    In this research, BCP formulation and the case where it was formulated for the areas and companies affected by natural disasters such as the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Kumamoto Earthquake. The purpose is to clarify how the management control system (organizational management) is performed in standard times and non-stationary times by investigating its effect.

  3. (3) Research on recycling flow of used products

    In this research, investigating the actual recycling situation of used products in companies, regions, and the world, risks arise due to illegal dumping of waste. The purpose is to implement forecasts and new ways of utilizing resources in companies.

Representative Papers
  1. (1)Mami Kimura, Yutaka Asazuma,2021,Used Motorcycle Recycling System-From Japan Motorcycle Recycling System and Related Data-,Bulletin of Tokyo City University Yokohama Campus (8) 25 -35.
  2. (2)Nobuyuki Mochizuki, Akifumi Yoshikawa, Mami Kimura, Eiichiro Kudo,2021,Development of MCS and BCP in SMEs-Case of SMEs in Kumamoto-,Bulletin of Tokyo City University Yokohama Campus (8) 36 -45.
  3. (3)mami kimura,2020,Introduction Process of Cost Accounting in Automobile Dismantling Business: Examination by Evolutionary Approach annals of the Japan, Society for Social Science of Accounting (34) 63 - 72. (Peer-reviewed)
  4. (4)Kohji YOSHIKAWA, Eiichiro KUDO, Mami KIMURA, Nobuyuki MOCHIZUKI,2020,The interaction between Risk Management and Management Control ,The Journal of Professional Accountancy(10) 47 - 57.
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  6. (6)Kohji YOSHIKAWA, Eiichiro KUDO, Mami KIMURA, Nobuyuki MOCHIZUKI,2019,Effective Disaster Response Risk Management Based on Enabling Management Control in SMEs: A Case of a Japanese SME’s Recovery from the Earthquake,Proceedings of EIASM (European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management):1st Conference On Management Accounting and Control in SMEs. (Peer-reviewed)
  7. (7)Mami Kimura,2019,Factors forming the recycling industry: From used motorcycles on the Thai-Myanmar border, Bulletin of Tokyo City University Yokohama Campus (6) 14-24.
Award (1)The Japan Society for Social Science of Accounting, 2015 Society Award "Venous Industry and Material Flow Cost Accounting" Hakuto Shobo (2015).
(2)The Japan Society for Social Science of Accounting, 2011 Encouragement Award "Material Flow Cost Accounting in the Vein Industry-For Automobile Dismantling Industry-" "Accounting Theory Society Annual Report" 24: 64-73(2010).
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research Support: Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS)
Research Grants/Projects including subsidies, donations, grants, etc. (1)Mami Kimura, Hideo Miyaji, Process visualization and verification of improvement methods and effects by "integrated data" of MFCA data and digital tracking data for the recycling process of used automobiles
, Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) Research Results Optimal Deployment Support Program (A-STEP) Nov, 2020 --Mar, 2022
(2)Mami Kimura,Research on construction of management control system for recycling used automobiles
, Research Grants, Apr, 2020 --Mar, 2021
(3)Mami Kimura,Development of glass recovery technology and equipment derived from scrapped cars,
Research Grants,May, 2019 --Mar, 2020
(4)Mami Kimura,Research on the actual distribution of used motorcycles in Asian countries, Research Grants, Mar, 2019 --Mar, 2020
(5)Mami Kimura,Research on production process improvement and management control function in the recycling industry,Research Grants,Apr, 2018 --Mar, 2020
(6)Mami Kimura,Research on recycling of waste glass derived from used automobiles, Research Grants, Jun, 2018 --Mar, 2019
(7)Mami Kimura,Understanding the actual distribution of motorcycles in Asian countries to curb illegal dumping, and understanding the risk of disposal of vehicles exported from Japan, Research Grants, Jun, 2018 --Mar, 2019
(8)Mami Kimura,Eiichiro Kudo, Kohji Yoshikawa,Research on the construction of a management control concept that incorporates a mutual assistance disaster prevention program for companies and local communities, Melco Academic Promotion Foundation, Apr, 2017 --Mar, 2019
Recruitment of research assistant(s) No
Affiliated academic society (Membership type) (1)Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan(Committee secretary)
(2)The Japan Society for Social Science of Accounting(Academic member)
(3)Japan Accounting Association(Academic member)
(4)The Japan Society of Material Cycles and Waste Management(Academic member)
Education Field (Undergraduate level) Accounting system, Financial accounting, Environmental marketing
Education Field (Graduate level) Environmental impact assessment