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Name MIYAGAWA Tetsuya
Official Title Associate Professor
Affiliation Child Abuse Social Work
Profile Research on social welfare and mental health assistance for child abuse and support for children and their guardians who also need special care.We mainly focus on social work (social welfare assistance techniques and consultation assistance) for child abuse and delinquency issues, and childcare workers are engaged in care work (support) for children who need special consideration. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of families in which both children and their guardians have medical issues such as mental illness and syndromes, and we are committed to empowering children and their guardians from multiple perspectives, such as providing mental support, utilizing community resources, and building a safety net of mutual support in the community. In issues related to children, we conduct research on child .
Representative Papers
  1. 1: "Role-playing and Group Cohesion" - Practice at a Christmas Concert Tetsuya Miyagawa (responsible author) "Delinquency Issues 2019" No.225 pp.62-79. Masanori Suzuki pp.61-62. co-author National Council of Independent Support Facilities for Children
  2. 2: "Square Frying Pan and Mountain Girl: How to Support Families Miyagawa, Tetsuya, Delinquency Issues 2017, No. 223, pp. 136-146. National Council for Juvenile Independence Support Facilities
  3. 3: "Cooperation with Wide-Area Correspondence High Schools and Support for Older Children," Tetsuya Miyagawa, Delinquency Issues 2015, No. 221, pp. 216-227. National Council of Independent Support Facilities for Children