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Name KONNO Michiko
Official Title Associate Professor
Affiliation Child Studies, Human Life Sciences
Profile As a certified public psychologist and clinical psychologist, I perform psychological assessments and individualized educational responses for children with developmental disabilities.
Currently, I am trying treatment education using iPad for ASD children who have difficulty in learning and using speech language.
Research Field(Keyword & Summary)
  1. (1) Developmental clinical psychology

    It is important for children to spend time adaptively in their daily lives. Therefore, we are studying the characteristics of cognitive ability of LD (learning disability), AD / HD (attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder), ASD (autism spectrum disorder), and the development process of individual treatment education. And providing the right education for the child is a necessary perspective not only for developmental disabilities but also for all children.

  2. (2) Psychoeducational assessment

    I have developed an evaluation tool that examines the development of social cognitive abilities in young children. "TOM (Theory of Mind) Test" created at that time is used by developmental counseling institutions.

  3. (3) Remedial education

    I am studying educational programs for children with developmental disabilities such as LD (learning disability), AD / HD (attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder), and ASD (autism spectrum disorder).
    Currently, I am using the iPad to educate children with developmental disabilities and study the possibilities and problems of using media devices.

Representative Papers
  1. Konno Michiko, Nozawa Yoshitaka, Sonoda Iwao, Yokoyama Sousuke, Takahashi Urara, Ido yukari, Hayasaka Shinya. User Attitude Survey of Tokyo City University Child-Rearing Support Center “PIPPI”. Tokyo City University Bulletin of Human Life Sciences. 2019. 10. 19-32
  2. Mayuzumi Masako, Konno Michiko, Nakaishi Yasue, Akimoto Yuko, Morinaga Ryoko. Process of Intellectual Development in Children with ASD and Borderline Intellectual Functioning. Annual bulletin of Clinical Center for Developmental Disorders, Shirayuri College. 2013. 16. 18-27
  3. Konno Michiko, Kakinuma Miki, Mayuzumi Masako. Screening out and supporting children with delay in social cognition: how would the checklist for the development of social cognition (DESC) be used in consultation?. Annual bulletin of Clinical Center for Developmental Disorders, Shirayuri College. 2011. 14. 69-75
  4. Konno Michiko. Combining the theory of mind tasks to establish a scale for measuring the development of social cognition. Bulletin of Toyoko Gakuen Women's College. 2007. 41. 31-46
  5. Senju Atsushi, Tojo Yoshikuni, Konno Michiko, Dairoku Hitoshi, Hasegawa Toshikazu. Reading mind from pictures of eyes: Theory of mind, language ability, general intellectual ability, and autism:Theory of mind, language ability, general intellectual ability, and autism. The Japanese journal of psychology. 2002. 73. 1. 64-70
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research Support: Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS)
Recruitment of research assistant(s) No
Affiliated academic society (Membership type) Japan Society of Developmental Psychlogy (Regular member)
Japan Academy of Learning Disabilities (Regular member)
Education Field (Undergraduate level) Developmental psychology, Educational psychology, Developmental clinical psychology