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Name MIHARA Yuji
Official Title Professor
Affiliation Department of Mechanical Engineering
Profile My specialty is research that contributes to improving the thermal efficiency of internal combustion engines, zero emissions, and carbon neutralization, with an eye on decarbonized fuels that also contain hydrogen. In recent years, research on improving environmental performance toward carbon neutrality has been actively promoted. To achieve high efficiency and zero emissions, it is important to reduce heat loss and friction loss. In order to achieve these research, unique measurement devices and original thin-film sensor using the physical vapor deposition method has been developed.
Research Field(Keyword & Summary)
  1. (1)Friction reduction & seizure mechanism (engine)

    Research on friction reduction using floating liner engine, 4-cylinder engine. Seizure mechanism for journal shafts and bearings. Surface properties, chemical reaction of lubricating oil additives, etc.

  2. (2)Tribology

    Research on friction, wear, and lubrication between two surfaces that make two relative movements. Study of tribological characteristics in machine element parts

  3. (3)Heat loss reduction

    Research on reducing engine heat loss by improving injection timing, combustion chamber shape, and air flow. Application of original thin film sensor using physical vapor deposition method.

  4. (4)Hydrogen engine & carbon neutral

    Research on high efficiency hydrogen (carbon neutral) engine for practical use and friction / wear and sealing technology peculiar to hydrogen engine.

  5. (5) Thin film sensor

    Development and applied research of pressure / temperature / strain / distance sensors with a thickness of 0.2 to 5 microns that measure the phenomenon of sliding parts of machines

Representative Papers
  1. 1)The Verification of Engine Analysis Model Accuracy by Measuring Oil Film Pressure in the Main Bearings of a Motorcycle High-Speed Engine Using a Thin-Film Sensor,Lubricants Special Issue "Friction and Wear of Coatings/Films",2022/11
  2. 2)Effect of modified combustion chamber configuration and enhanced squish flow on improving thermal efficiency in jet-plume-controlled direct-injection near-zero emission hydrogen engines,International Journal of Engine Research,2022/11
  3. 3)Measurement of Piston Pin-Bore Oil Film Pressure under Engine Operation,Lubricants Special Issue "Friction and Wear of Coatings/Films",2022/10
  4. 4)Effect of High Compression Ratio on Improving Thermal Efficiency and NOx Formation in Jet Plume Controlled Direct-Injection Near-zero Emission Hydrogen Engines,International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2022/8tion of rolling bearings based on the colors on sliding surfaces,SAE Technical Paper,2019/4
  5. 5)Effect of supercharging on improving thermal efficiency and modifying combustion characteristics in lean-burn direct-injection near-zero-emission hydrogen engines,International Journal of Hydrogen Energy,2022/1
  6. 6)Excellent seizure and friction properties achieved with a combination of an a-C:H:Si DLC-coated journal and an aluminum aloy plain bearing,coatings Special Issue: Tribology and Mechanical Behavior of Amorphous Carbon Coatings,2021/8
  7. 7)The effects of DLC-coated Journal on Improving Seizure Limit and Reducing Friction under Engine Oil Lubrication,International Journal of Engine Research,2021/4
  8. 8)Analysis of CVT Element Vibration by In-Situ Measurement,SAE Technical Paper,2020/4
  9. 9)Life estimation of rolling bearings based on the colors on sliding surfaces,SAE Technical Paper,2019/4
  10. 10)Measurement of oil film pressure in piston pin-boss by thin-film pressure sensor,Transactions of the Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan, Inc.,2019/3
  1. 1)Distance sensor and measurement method,PAT. No6452140,2018/12/21
  2. 2)Strain gauges with reduced temperature sensitivity and their design methods, PAT. No.4482250,2010/3/26
  3. 3)Thin-film Sensor, PAT. No.4527236,2010/6/11
Award 1)Development and Application of Thin Film Sensors to Understand the Condition of Contact Surface and Heat Flow during Machine Operation,JAPAN SOCIETY FOR DESIGN ENGINEERING,The Most Interesting Readings Award,2020/5
2)Measurement of Oil-Film Pressure Distribution in Engine Sliding Surface Using Thin-film Sensor,TNI(Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology,Excellent Paper Award,2010/3
3)Measurement of Pressure Distribution Using Thin-film Sensor Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan, Kanto Branch,Best Paper award,2010/3
4)Measurement of Piston Skirt Oil-film Pressure under Piston Slap,SAE International,Arch T. Colwell Merit Aword,2009/4
5)New thin-film sensor for engine bearings,CIMAC (International council on combustion engines),Best Paper Award,2004/6
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research Support: Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS)
Research Grants/Projects including subsidies, donations, grants, etc. 2022-2023 NEDO Green Innovation Fund Projects
2021-2022 NEDO Feasibility Study Program
2020-2022 NEDO-CORNET co-funds research
2019-2020 Subsidy for Building Simulation Platforms to Accelerate Development of Next-Generation Vehicles(METI)
2014-2018 Cross-ministerial Straregic Innovation Promotion Program (SIP)
Recruitment of research assistant(s) Yes
Affiliated academic society (Membership type) JSAE(fellow),JSME, JAST, JIME
Education Field (Undergraduate level) Thermodynamics, Heat transfer, Tribology, Internal combustion engine
Education Field (Graduate level) Thermodynamics(Adv.), Tribology, Internal combustion engine(Adv.)