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Department of ArchitectureDepartment of Architecture

Architecture is a unique field that integrates elements of both engineering and art. Those who would master architecture must have both a basic knowledge covering many fields and creativity. With these unique aspects of architecture in mind, students in this curriculum will be thoroughly acquainted with the various kinds of specialized knowledge needed for design work, from design training to industrial design, construction, facilities, materials and construction methods.

Third and fourth year students are divided into four groups: 1. architectural planning/design, 2. building system and structure, 3. building materials/construction methods, and 4. building environment/facilities -- and they participate in seminars and graduate research. The students themselves determine the directions their studies will follow.

In recent years, there has been expansion in fields covered by architecture, such as regional planning, project management, facility management, etc. in design and a wide variety of innovative technologies are emerging in engineering. In this curriculum, we are passionate about teaching students the solid basic skills as well as creative thinking that will allow them to flexibly respond to these conditions.

Fields of ResearchFields of Research

Architectural planning / design

Architectural design emphasis on human behavior, Building systems and urban facilities complex building planning/design, Improvement of living environment, Theater and hall planning/design, Community planning/development

Building system and structure

Health monitoring, Damage detection, Module-linked large floating structures, Seismically isolated structure, Brace structure with energy absorbing capacity, Non-liner oil damper, High rise building structure analysis, FEM analysis

Building materials / construction methods

Quality evaluation of concrete, Nondestructive test for reinforced concrete, Evaluation of building materials, Wooden structure, Seismic diagnosis, Building Construction/Renovation, Building system design

Building environment / facilities

Indoor thermal/air environment, Sick/healthy buildings, Perceived air quality, Interface Environment between Outdoors and Indoors, Interior/exterior lighting design