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Electrical and Electronic EngineeringElectrical,Electronic and Communication Engineering

Department of Electrical and Electronics EngineeringDepartment of Electrical,Electronic and Communication Engineering

* Start from April 2019

Overview of the Department

Integration of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and the Department of Information and Communication Engineering to create a large department with 150 people:
Aggressive and pioneering structure

The Department of Electrical, Electronic and Communication Engineering will explore even more effective uses and new possibilities of communication network technologies and information processing technologies. We will do this by integrating at an advanced level the electrical and electronic technologies that support industry and life from every aspect with cutting-edge foundation communication network technologies and information processing technologies. We will train engineers to be able to open up new possibilities and solve complex problems by making full use of the electrical and electronic technologies that support our lives. They will come to be able to do this by learning the expertise and technologies of electrical, electronic and communication engineering based on practical lessons.

Laboratory IntroductionLaboratory Introduction

Nano Electronics Lab

Conducts research on the invention of innovative semiconductor devices for the energy-saving society of the future

Photonics Lab (Circuit Design)

Develops software to efficiently advance the design of the large scale integrated circuits (LSIs) that support products

Communication Systems Lab

Conducts research on wireless access technologies, wireless transmission technologies and wireless circuit control technologies in the fourth and fifth generation mobile communication systems

Communications Reliability Lab

Conducts research on rational measures against communication network failures and security damage

Wireless Systems Lab

Develops equipment and measuring technologies to efficiently and safely use the radio waves essential for wireless communications

Integrated Systems Lab

Conducts research on the design and applied technologies of electronic circuits and large scale integrated circuits (LSIs), and conducts research on IoT sensor network configuration technologies and applied technologies

Electric Machinery Lab (Motor Drive Group)

Conducts research on cutting-edge motor technologies and drive systems in extensive fields with automobiles, consumer electronics and industry

Electric Machinery Lab (Electro-Magnetic Group)

Investigates core technologies used in linear motor trains and related technologies

Electric Machinery Lab (Systems Control Group)

Tackles the points of contact between advanced electric machinery and people based on expertise in transportation safety

Power Systems Lab

Constructs smart power systems in harmony with renewable energies and electric vehicles

Electrical Applied Lab

Conducts research on electrical discharge and plasma in fields such as environmental conservation, plant factories and power facility diagnoses

Large Current Energy Lab

Conducts research and development on the stable supply of power, railways and space promotion using measurement control technologies based on high voltage and large current engineering