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Electrical and Electronic EngineeringElectrical and Electronic Engineering

Department of Electrical and Electronics EngineeringDepartment of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

* The name will be changed to the Department of Electrical,Electronic Communication Engineering from April 2019

Electrical and electronic engineering are wide-ranging technologies and they play important roles in almost all the areas of human life and industries. Hardware from large-scale application to nano-technologies, software including information technologies, and surrounding boundary regions are all included in the area. The department provides the basic and indispensable knowledge and skills of electrical and electronic engineers, e.g. electric circuits, electromagnetism, measurement and instrumentation, reinforced by intensive exercises and experiments. Successive lectures include three courses, which are "advanced nanotechnology devices", "system electronics" and "electric power and industrial systems". Students can select one of them, or possibly all of them, by their own preferences. Graduate research in one of the laboratories listed below complete their education. Highly professional knowledge and skills along with technological communication and discussion capabilities are obtained by these activities, and engineers with broad horizons are educated.

Fields of ResearchFields of Research

Advanced Nanotechnology Device Engineering

-Quantum Nanodevice Lab.
-Computational Electronics Lab.
-Organic photonics Lab.
This field consists of advance research on silicon-based ULSI; fabrication of novel IV group hetero-structure devices,
advanced characterization of semiconductor surface and interface,
atomistic material/process/device simulation, and
novel design methodology of SoC.

System Electronics Engineering

-Electric Machinery Lab.
(Motor Drive Group, Electro-Magnetic Group and Systems control Group)
This field consists of sensorless control of brushless-dc motors and high-speed movement control of surface motors,
short-stroke resonating linear oscillatory actuators and vibration and
attitude control of electromagnetically-suspended objects.

Electric Power and Industrial Systems Engineering

-Gaseous Electronics Lab.
-Plasma Application Lab.
This field covers of low and atmospheric pressure discharge,
surface modification, dielectric breakdown,
welding arc, thermal plasma and
nonthermal plasma processing for a wide range of environmental applications.