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Urban and Civil EngineeringUrban and Civil Engineering

Department of Mechanical EngineeringDepartment of Mechanical Engineering

Study fields in the department encompass urban, civil engineering planning and building infrastructures that aim at a safe and comfortable society. The mission of the department is to educate future engineers devoted to designing, constructing and maintaining infrastructures (e.g., roads, railroads, bridges and waterworks) towards a sustainable urban environment.

Students in their freshman year start learning basic subjects in engineering such as calculus and physics. They also have the opportunity to interact on urban issues with students of the Department of Architecture. Sophomores are introduced to topics in fundamental mechanics such as structural mechanics and hydraulics. They also take experimental subjects that nurture their independent and critical thinking. Junior students learn more advanced topics including earthquake engineering, construction management and public economics. In the beginning of the second semester, most junior students join laboratories where they shall perform research towards their graduation thesis that continue in their senior year. The department offers a wide range of education and training activities towards an all-rounded education with critical thinking, including experiments, exercises, seminars and field works of applied nature.

Program Outcomes and AccreditationProgram Outcomes and Accreditation

  1. Ability to apply mechanics in order to develop safe and sustainable design in an urban environment.
  2. Ability to design a structure appropriately to meet the needs of clients.
  3. Understanding of basic to state-of-the-art technologies and/or research in the fields of "Urban Design", "Urban Environment" and "Disaster Mitigation".

As a unique feature of the department, our program is accredited by the Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education (JABEE). Graduates can be qualified as Associate Professional Engineers.
The graduates find their employment typically ranging from construction and consulting companies to governmental offices.

Fields of ResearchFields of Research

The urban and civil engineers of today are seeking solutions to benefit both the society and individuals to reduce environmental pollution. Research laboratories in the department are dedicated to improving the human environment through the planning, design, construction, and life-long management of infrastructures and transportation systems.

There are three major fields in the department where intensive research is performed
Disaster Prevention Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Urban Planning and Management