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Environmental ManagementEnvironmental Management

Department of Environmental ManagementDepartment of Environmental Management

* The name will be changed to the Department of Environmental Management and Sustainability from April 2019

Students will acquire appropriate knowledge and vision regarding a sustainable society and learn concrete policies to promote environment-conscious corporate and consumption activities, as well as planning in terms of environmentally friendly product and technology development. The Department promotes human exchanges with domestic/overseas companies and local governments to nourish human resources who can find and analyze issues specific to companies, local governments, and consumers and who can manage an organization to solve such issues. The Department also cultivates the management capability that helps employees work for solutions to environmental problems from an international perspective.

Educational/Environment FieldsEducational/Environment Fields

Sustainable Management Field

In modern society production and consumption activities are possible only when various and massive resources can be exploited and discarded. In the Sustainable Management Field, students will acquire specialist capabilities in sustainable management to increase environmental efficiency at each stage from excavation of resources to production, distribution, consumption, recycling, and disposal of materials and to promote the kind of production/consumption activities that may contribute to a sustainable society.

Environmental Policy Field

Environmental problems are social issues of modern society and are extremely complicated because politics, economy, culture, and international relationships are intricately interrelated. In the Environmental Policy field, students will study legislation for problem solving and the market economy, as well as the theory and methodology of environmental policies and their formation processes from a social-scientific point of view.