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Restoration Ecology and Built EnvironmentRestoration Ecology and Built Environment

Department of Restoration Ecology and Built EnvironmentDepartment of Restoration Ecology and Built Environment

The Department aims at the education of people who would like to be the ones who can apply a wide variety of knowledge and intelligence to the restoration of ecosystems, cities, regions, and the global environment in the real world. Students will study various environmental problems from a scientific perspective and learn the policies and measures to solve those problems. In order to realize sustainable regional and built environments in harmony with nature, students will nourish the power of environment creation for immediate use in the real world after graduation by learning and acquiring methods of conserving, reclaiming/restoring, and creating a biological environment; technologies for processing and sharing environmental information; methods for analyzing and monitoring an environment; and technologies and methodologies that incorporate natural diversity into an artificial environment to create a comfortable environment.

Educational/Environment FieldsEducational/Environment Fields

Ecological Environment Field

Society faces a wide variety of environmental problems from global-scale to local-scale issues such as global warming, desertification, and the deterioration of biodiversity and ecosystems by land development. In the Ecological Environment field, students will study global-scale conservation, including the restoration of tropical rainforests and prevention of desertification, as well as the conservation and restoration of our immediate environment in a practical way by visiting various fields at home and abroad.

Urban Environment Field

In order to find solutions to urban problems, such as the heat island effect, localized torrential rain, air pollution, and energy use, it is necessary to understand how cities change and the essence of their structure. In the Urban Environment field, students will acquire not only basic knowledge, but also study applications and practices related to measurement, analysis, and design in the fields of urban activities and environment, living environment and land use, thermal environment and thermal comfort, and the architectural environments.


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