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Information SystemsInformation Systems

Department of Information SystemsDepartment of Information Systems

The department cultivates professionals who can build an information system from the diverse needs and perspectives of users in order to ensure safe, comfortable use. Students will learn programming skills, media processing, and web creation technologies, as well as research, analysis, and evaluation methods and technologies to realize advanced information systems, including ICT assessment, information security, and information management.

Educational/Research FieldsEducational/Research Fields

System Design Field

Students will acquire the ability to design and build information systems by studying many varieties of different digital technologies that support the information-based society of today, including communication technologies, such as the Internet and mobile phones, and learn how to process multimedia sounds and images.

ICT Assessment Field

Students will acquire the ability as a comprehensive producer who understands the element technology necessary to establish an information system, research and analyze user needs, design a system that considers the conditions for business profitability, reserve resources as the required personnel, control execution, and make assessments.