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Sociology and Media StudiesSociology and Media Studies

Department of Sociology and Media StudiesDepartment of Sociology and Media Studies

The goal of the Department is to nourish three capabilities: intelligence, with which students consider social issues in the broadest context communication skills and management ability as a bridge between social groups and individuals, the local community, a company, and finally between citizens and specialists. Students will strengthen the skill with which to propose a new communication tool that changes how people associate with each other.

Educational/Research FieldsEducational/Research Fields

Community Design Fields

We conduct social information design, which means understanding informatization and the community from the viewpoint of society and ordinary people and prototyping and proposing media or systems for problem solving, as well as finding and analyzing issues. Each student will investigate the design of familiar information media, including posters, ads, games, TVs, and the Web and learn about technologies and how information is expressed to produce new designs.

Human Communication Field

In an effort to resolve social issues from the perspective of communication, a variety of communication modes in today's world are researched and analyzed. Students will acquire the ability to propose new means of communication. They will also study today's diverse media communication modes, which are dramatically changing due to the reorganization of existing media and the development of new media.