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Information and communication EngineeringInformation and communication Engineering

Department of Infomation and communication EngineeringDepartment of Infomation and communication Engineering

Mobile communication and internet communication are very common in our life. Technologies related to this field are rapidly developing toward a ubiquitous computing society so-to-speak. This department deals with research and education about the information communication systems that are essential to realize the ubiquitous society. In this department, we study electronics, communication and computers to obtain skills necessary for solving the problems in this field. From the studies, we aim to understand information communication engineering from devices to systems. Towards that end, we systematically acquire skills and knowledge on information and communication networks in both hardware and software.

Fields of ResearchFields of Research

Computer Networks
The research objects extend to many topics of computer networks, from the internet to mobile networks, sensor networks, from the switching architecture to TCP/IP protocols. Adaptive communication algorithms and biologically-inspired technologies for mobile ad-hoc networks, wireless mesh networks and wireless sensor networks are the recent main research field.

Communication Systems
Communication Systems Laboratories comprise three labs focusing on the efficient radio transmission techniques and evaluations on network reliability. In the lab of Prof. Sawahashi, high-efficient multiple access schemes, radio access techniques, and radio resource managements are investigated and evaluated for future cellular and wireless LAN systems. In the lab of Prof. Hayashi, communication reliability in the wired network is evaluated theoretically and the methods to improve the network reliability are investigated as well. In the lab of Prof. Sato, Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) channel techniques including beam-forming are investigated and evaluated.

Integrated Systems
In information technology including information communication, electronic circuits are a key technology. Development of high performance system LSI is the main research theme.

Mobile Devices
The effects of the electro-magnetic wave used in mobile systems on the human body, medical devices, and wireless LAN are research themes. Small antenna for mobile devices is another research subject.