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Industrial & Management Systems EngineeringIndustrial & Management Systems Engineering

Department of Industrial & Management Systems EngineeringDepartment of Industrial & Management Systems Engineering

* The name will be changed to the Department of Intelligent Systems from April 2019

The Department of Industrial & Management Systems Engineering offers Bachelor of Engineering, Master of Engineering and Doctoral degrees. The department has fields of Management, Industrial System Engineering, Logistics, Human Media Design Engineering and Marketing Research. The original Department has achieved international prestige for its contribution to the interdisciplinary design and operation of complex systems of human beings, information, and machines.

Fields of ResearchFields of Research

Business Management
Classes that are related in necessary intelligence activity to maintain and continue the management system are set up in this field. The enterprise should act in consideration of the social climate and the social responsibility that surrounds management from a global aspect. In this field, talents who can act to use management resources (man, material, money, and information) reasonably and efficiently to achieve the purpose that management provides are promoted.

Business Entrepreneurship
Activities of the enterprise, investigations of the organization body, analysis from a global aspect in a scientific manner, as well as, subjects necessary for establishment and a new business deployment are set up in this field of research. The research field includes marketing research and finance based on data mining technology.

Product Planning and Design
User experiences design, based on market analysis and human characteristics of perception, cognition and behavior, is crucial to build a safe society and develop usable products and reliable complex systems. The main interest of the Product Planning and Design field are computational analysis of complex systems and designing novel human-computer interactions for the future society. The research field also includes cognitive engineering, and ergonomics.

Industrial Systems and Logistics Engineering
This research field covers various enterprise activities such as quality management, production management, logistics and supply chain management with reduce cost in an efficient way. Educational and research subjects include the foundations of management techniques related to production system design. Logistics is the management of several physical distributions. The research need of logistics is growing.