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Urban Life Studies The Department of Urban Life StudiesUrban Life Studies
The Department of Urban Life Studies

Faculty of Urban Life StudiesFaculty of Urban Life Studies

The Faculty of Urban Life Studies aims to train capable persons who can contribute to creation, development or management of an urban life environment, where most people live and work in the 21st century. Based on such a faculty concept, a student may choose one of the three courses of 1) Urban Culture, 2) Urban Management and 3) Urban Dwelling, and learn and develop the required knowledge and skills through unique subjects, including Consumer Needs Analysis, Project Planning and Business Promotion, Management and Operation. Those subjects are delivered by outstanding faculty members, having rich prior hands-on business experience and know-how, and the students will enjoy the most relevant and practical learning opportunities.

Department of Urban Life StudiesDepartment of Urban Life Studies

The Faculty of Urban Life Studies (FULS) was established as a creative faculty at Tokyo City University, in April 2009 in Todoroki, Setagaya Ward, Tokyo. FULS is a social-science based faculty that will endeavor to provide students with a variety of approaches that will enable them to focus on Urban Life Studies from the perspective of urban environment, planning and management. It will also focus on educating students about urban life and culture. Students will have a diverse array of opportunities to learn about cities in an integrated way. Cities have become key sites in modern social life, and town planning and management will play a vital role in an aging society. A city also needs to make adjustments when new culture, lifestyle and businesses are created. A great emphasis will be placed on students' underlying motivation for starting up a business related to space, goods and services in a city. The faculty aims to train students to begin their professional careers as creators or entrepreneurs concerned with urban life and culture, as urban planners, or as municipal administrators, for the generating and practicing of ideas for the enjoyment of life and work in cities. Coursework will encompass the social, economic and political aspects of urban life, urban landscapes, and cultural frameworks of a city or town. It will include not only advanced computer, information science and designing skills but also business administration, commercial studies, residential environment studies and sociology. The focus will be on cities as distinctive entities for creative planning and their function, as well as on the exploration of the future of urban businesses. The faculty will offer students three main areas as their major study: urban life and culture, urban planning and management, and urban environment.

1.Urban life and culture1.Urban life and culture

For mastering skills in stimulating citizen creativity, and in organizing and running programs related to urban culture.

2.Urban planning and management2.Urban planning and management

For enhancing and creating spaces in cities related to area or town planning and management.

3.Urban environment 3.Urban environment

For creating a safe and comfortable environment in order to meet the needs of citizens in an aging society.


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