Libraries are established in each of the three campuses. The Setagaya Campus Library has about 270,000 books, mainly a wide variety of engineering books, including architecture-related rare books; Yokohama has about 110,000 books/documents mainly on the environment and information; and Todoroki has about 170,000 books including those on urban issues, child education, and literature. All three libraries are fully equipped with advanced IT systems and efficiently used not only by our students and faculty members but also by researchers inside and outside Japan. Additionally, it is also one of our features that we reflect the needs of learners, for example by conducting the Book Selecting Tour with students.

Hanging Garden

This is literally a garden floating in the air in the central part from the 3rd to 4th floors. The structure incorporating the natural environment allows you to feel the seasonal changes although it is established indoors.

Library of Rare Books

A space on the 4th floor houses rare books, mainly from personal collections. Historical books placed on the walls and in glass cases magically float illuminated by indirect lights.