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Architecture and Civil Engineering

The Division of Architecture and Civil Engineering provides opportunities for specialized study and research to students who would like to expand their research interests in the multi-dimensional fields including sociology, economics, history, physiology, and biology. This inter-disciplinary approach helps students address and resolve such global challenges as environmental issues we face today, while developing their expertise and nurturing their global vision.

In the field of Architecture, students are actively engaged in obtaining knowledge in specialized fields as well as broadening perspectives in related areas which include planning in architecture, architectural design, planning of housing and urban environment, various architectural structures, building materials and construction methods, architectural environment and services.

Students specializing in the field of Civil Engineering are offered various courses including structural and safety engineering, disaster mitigation and reduction engineering, geotechnical and geo-environmental engineering, water environment engineering, infrastructure planning and management in civil engineering and social infrastructure management for full-time employees.

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Academic Staff


  1. (1) Open space in elementary school
  2. (2) Departmentalized classroom system in junior high school
  1. (1) Geotechnical Investigation
  2. (2) Ground Improvement
  3. (3) Pile Foundation
  1. (1) Detection of fatigue crack of rib-to-deck weld of orthotropic steel deck
  2. (2) Detection of water leakage of drainpipe of bridge
  3. (3) Detection of fatigue crack under paint coating
  1. Membrane technology
  2. MBR
  3. Membrane fouling
  1. 1. Centrifuge modelling of geotechnical
  2. 2. Slope stability
  3. 3. Site investigation of labour accident caused by geotechnical works
  4. 4. Ground vibration
  5. 5. Geotechnical earthquake engineering
  1. (1)A stochastic model for deterioration process
  2. (2)Probable Maximum Loss Index of Water Supply System
  1. Energy efficient street lighting
  2. Lighting effects on human behavior
  1. (1) Architectural Structure: Finding out the intangible structures behind architecture
  2. (2) Architectural Archaeology: Creating contemporary
  1. Indoor Thermal Environment, Indoor Air Quality
  1. History of prefablication In modern architecture
  2. Rationalization of wooden house production
  1. (1)Architecture design
  2. (2)Architecture planning
  3. (3)City planning
  4. (4) Architectural history, preservatio and utilization
  1. Environmental quality in schools, elderly facility, and houses
  2. Perceived Air Quality
  3. Human productivity and indoor environment
  4. Chemical air pollution from building materails

Associate Professor

  1. (1) Development of dynamic geodemographics using mobile big data
  2. (2) Realization of micro population census by deep learning using satellite images in developing countries
  3. (3) Dynamic understanding of consumption trends before and after COVID-19 pandemic using mobile big data
  4. (4) Development of a method for estimating the spatial distribution of vacant houses using public data
  5. (5) Ultra-high resolution spatial analysis of urban heat island phenomena (UHI) using thermal infrared images collected by drones
  1. (1). Public procurement system
  2. (2).Disaster management
  3. (3)Automatic acquisition of productivity and working conditions in construction projects.
  1. (1) Recycled aggregate
  2. (2) Hard urethane
  3. (3) Resin concrete
  1. Architectural design
  2. Environmental design
  1. Structre
  2. Seismic test
  3. Seismic analysis
  1. 1) Deformation capacity of structural steel and components
  2. 2) Seismic behavior of steel structure after fire
  1. Building Material,Cementitious Materials, Concrete, recycle


  1. Architecture
  2. Architectural Theory
  3. Architectural History
  4. Architectural Planning
  5. Architectural Geometry

Assistant Professor

  1. (1) Splitting: Failure Mode of Timber
  2. (2) Wooden Shear Wall