Scholarship andStudent Support

Support for Japanese life

In order to create an environment where international students can start their lives in Japan smoothly, the university is working together with Japanese students to create a system that can support the lives of international students, and is promoting the following measures.
Each campus has an international student support officer. They assist students with visa applications and everyday life. We also have Japanese language and culture classes and lunch meetings which allow students to meet and consult with academic about their studies and living in Japan

International Dormitory

The International Dormitory was established as part of the university’s global education strategy, with the hope of creating a place where Japanese and international students can live together and learn about different cultures. We hope that living in the dormitory will be of great value to the students and provide them with an opportunity to build a broad network and learn to understand a wide variety of students from all over Japan and the world.

The dormitory is a three-minute walk from the Setagaya campus. There are convenience stores and supermarkets nearby. It is located near the Tamagawa River, which is rich in nature, and offers a safe and quiet environment where students can concentrate on their studies. Security is provided by a live-in janitor, and the entrance to the building, each floor, and each room is protected by a card key.

This is an environment where international students can concentrate on their studies and research.

Japanese language training programme

The acquisition of Japanese language skills will enrich the lives of international students in Japan and have a positive impact on their studies and research activities.
Tokyo City University provides basic Japanese language courses for international students, and also provides information on language courses offered in the local community to international students to help them improve their Japanese.