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Electrical Engineering and Chemistry

The Division of Electrical Engineering and Chemistry covers a wide range of academic areas related to electrical and electronic engineering, biomedical engineering, and applied chemistry. We believe exploring these areas leads to building an evolving and sustainable society where stable energy supply can be achieved and advanced medical technologies can be widely available for future generations. Our mission is cultivating researchers and engineers capable of applying their expertise and integrated skills to build a next-generation smart energy system and thus contribute to improving everyday life.

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Academic Staff


  1. solar cell, atomic layer material
  2. Manufacturing Technology (Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic
  3. Engineering, Chemical Engineering):Electric and electronic materials
  4. Nanotechnology/Materials:Nano/micro-systems
  5. Nanotechnology/Materials:Energy chemistry
  1. (1) Digital substation systems compliant with IEC 61850
  2. (2) Power distribution automation and protection control systems
  1. (1) Multi-functional catalysis
  2. (2) Meso-porous materials
  1. (1) Development of preparation process for inorganic ultrathin films with controlled microstructure
  2. (2) Application of novel emulsification method in the subcritical temperature region
  1. (1) Development of Mixed Electron-Ion Conducting Polymers
  2. (2) Development of Nano-Structured Optoelectronic Materials Built by Liquid Crystals
  1. Electromagnetic measurement, Acoustic Engineering, Wireless Power Transfer
  2. Electromagnetic measurement, Acoustic Engineering, Wireless Power Transfer
  3. Electromagnetic measurement, Acoustic Engineering, Wireless Power Transfer
  1. (1) Life support engineering
  2. (2) Clinical instrument engineering
  1. (1) Plasma irradiation
  2. (2)Perinatal medicine
  1. Strained Ge-on-Insulator
  2. Strained Ge channel devices
  3. Ge Photonic devices
  4. Ge micro-devices
  1. MEMS-in-TEM experiment for simultaneous visualization and measurement of nanomaterials, vibrational energy harvesters using ionic liquids, and bio molecular/cellular characterization using MEMS tools
  1. Reliability physics on nano-electronic devices
  2. Emerging memories
  1. (1) Evaluation of physical properties of surface and interface
  1. (1) High current and arc plasma technology
  2. (2) Achievement of ultra-smart energy society

Associate Professor

  1. (1) Regenerative medicine
  2. (2) Cell Based Food (Cultured Meat)
  3. (3) Bioreactor
  1. (1) Photocatalytic H2/oxidant production
  2. (2) Photocatalytic oganic synthesis
  3. (3) Electrochemical oxidant production
  1. (1) Sintering of non-oxide ceramics
  1. (1) Nanomaterial-based electrochemical biosensors
  2. (2) Semiconductor-based biosensors
  1. (1) Modification of traditional Japanese chemicals
  2. (2) Synthesis of organic-inorganic polymer hybrid materials
  1. Functional Organic/Polymeric Materials
  1. Surface modification of metallic materials and examination of the biocompatibility
  2. Development of Thermal Protection System for Re-entry Space Vehicles
  3. Development of an arc heating wind tunnel
  4. Microstructural evolution mechanism of transition metal diborides
  1. (1)Atomically thin-layered materials


  1. (1) High frequency applications.
  2. (2) Antenna design for RFID applications.
  3. (3) Dielectric characterization of materials.
  4. (4) Surface modification of materials.
  1. Keyword: Ubiquitous Computing; Intelligent Systems; Internet-of-Things; Artificial Intelligence
  1. (1) Cell engineering
  2. (2) Artificial organ