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Environmental Management and Sustainability

Start from April 2019

Overview of the Department

“Environment” is the keyword to think about a sustainable society: Strongest social science department with integration of arts and sciences

We will guide students to solve the problems facing society and the environment with advanced practical abilities and ensure that they acquire the ability to plan and draft policies to encourage environmentally friendly corporate activities and consumer behavior. We will do this through two areas: the environment management field in which our students will acquire accurate environmental management expertise toward a sustainable society and the environmental policy field in which our students will learn about legislation and environmental policies to solve environmental problems. We will also provide classes related to sustainable supply chains and business management.

Laboratory Introduction

Environmental Management Field: Itsubo Lab (Lifecycle Environmental Assessments)

Assesses climate change, water problems, resource circulation and other environmental issues from the viewpoint of the lifecycle

Environmental Management Field: Kaku Lab (Sustainable Recycling Production Systems)

Conducts research on issue awareness and solutions emphasizing production sites (e.g., product design that takes into consideration the recycle)

Environmental Management Field: Okubo Lab (Production Distribution Ecosystem)

Conducts research on the production distribution systems of things and services that are able to adapt to changes in the social environment and to improve productivity

Environmental Management Field: Okada [Koji] Lab (Corporate Management Systems)

Conducts research on the impact various management policies of companies have on corporate results and the environment – this also includes unexpected side effects and secondary effects

Environmental Management Field: Kimura Lab (Management Accounting Systems)

Conducts research on production process improvement activities using managerial accounting techniques, the waste matter resource cycle flow, and coordination between business continuity plans and regional continuity plans

Environmental Management Field: Furukawa [Ryuzo] Lab (Sustainable Lifecycles)

Conducts research on sustainable lifestyles under environmental constraints and techniques to create innovations and new business for that

Environmental Policy Field: Okada [Akira] Lab (Environmental and Energy Policies)

Analyzes and assesses the effects of mechanisms and environmental policies for environmental problems caused by economic activities with a focus mainly on transportation

Environmental Policy Field: Furukawa Lab (Environmental Law Policies)

Understands environmental issues through the “mechanism” of law, finds challenges and explores solutions

Environmental Policy Field: Sato [Masahisa] Lab (Environmental Education and International Cooperation)

Deepens consideration into capacity development and cooperation mechanisms toward the realization of a sustainable society

Environmental Policy Field: Otsuka Lab (Environmental Ideas and Agricultural Food Issues)

Uses social survey methods to consider environmental issues as communication problems

Environmental Policy Field: Baba Lab (Environmental Governance)

Explores solutions to environmental and energy issues through cooperation by scientists, policy makers, stakeholders and citizens

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Academic Staff


  1. Sustainable lifestyle, Lifestyle innovation, Nature technology, Backcasting, Ontology engineering
  1. Environmental Geography, Geomorphology
  1. (1) Development and practice of participatory approaches and integrated scenario building method
  2. (2) Environmental policy innovation and process analysis
  3. (3) Citizens’ environment-conscious attitude and behavior analysis
  1. (1) Business modelling and simulation for sustainable development
  2. (2) Program and project management for business transformation
  1. Environmental Education

Associate Professor

  1. Life Cycle Environmental Engineering
  1. Citizenship education, Education for sustainable development, Sustainability transition, Waste management
  1. (1) Evaluation of policies to mitigate environmental impact from International Maritime Transport
  2. (2) Relationship between environmental impact and transportation
  1. Ecosystem approach and land use policy