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Advanced Research Laboratories (ARL) is TCU’s research base, which opened in 2004 with cutting-edge experiment devices. ARL consists of the following four research centers, Exploratory Research Laboratories, Incubation Laboratory, etc., and not only conducts research activities within the university but also actively promotes collaborative research with corporations and other universities and research institutes and tries to promptly share the findings with society. In addition, it is also a major feature that undergraduate and graduate students actively participate in projects.

Research Center for Silicon Nano-science

This research center is mainly dedicated to the research and education for silicon-based electronics and photonics with the aid of nano-technology at the cutting edge. A joint research project with other universities and institutions has been conducted to promote a wide variety of research activities in these fields; ultra-high speed silicon hetero-structure electronic devices, current-injected silicon-based light-emitting devices, and advanced simulations aiming at optimal design for these electronic and photonic devices. All the research findings were published in international scientific journals and also released on the Internet.

Institute For Future City Studies

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