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Liberal Arts and Sciences

It has been established that of 2012 the planning and management of Tokyo City University’s general education (Liberal Arts, Specialized Basic Education, Foreign Languages, Teacher Education, and Physical Education) will be performed by the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

The following 3 colleges and 8 departments are now organized under the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

  1. Humanities and Social Sciences Division
    (Humanities, Social Sciences, Educational Science, Sports Sciences)
  2. Natural Sciences Division
    (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Earth Sciences, Information Studies)
  3. Foreign Languages Education Center

Management Policy

In accordance with Tokyo City University Group’s educational philosophy of “Developing members of society with sound minds and a passion for a better future,” the University’s three campuses and 6 colleges will work together under the College of General Education to hold to the following educational objectives.

Educational Objectives

  1. Foster an ability in students to view things with a wide perspective for a deeper understanding of the world around them.
  2. Develop students’ ability to use and rely on their personal judgment.
  3. Help students acquire an international perspective.
  4. Train students in the fundamentals of their specializations.
  5. Develop in students communication abilities vital for life in today’s society.

Currently, students enrolled in the colleges of Engineering and Knowledge Engineering can take research courses in any of the departments under the College of General Education. We are planning in the future to provide the same opportunity to students majoring in other subjects as well.

From 2012, the university has also established seminars that incorporate comprehensive content to further enhance our Liberal Arts curriculum.

In the future we plan on making it possible for any TCU student to have access to the new liberal arts curriculum at any of our three campuses in Setagaya, Todoroki, and Yokohama.

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

European History (1)(2) Philosophy (1)(2)
Ethics (1)(2) History of Visual Arts (1)(2)
Human Sciences
Learning and Motivation Psychology and Physiology
Social Sciences
The Constitution of Japan Political Science (1)(2)
Jurisprudence Economics (1)(2)
Sociology (1)(2)

Department of Physical Education

Physical Education (1)(2) Advanced Physical Education (1)(2)
The theory of Health, Physical Fitness and Sports

Department of Teacher-Education Course

Subject of Teacher Training Course
Teaching Profession Curriculum Development
Teaching Methods for Technology Teaching Methods for Industry
Teaching Methods for Science Teaching Methods for Mathematics
Teacher’s License
Mathematics of Junior High & High School Science of Junior High & High School
Technology of Junior High School Technical High School
Information Technology of High School

Department of Mathematics

Basic Mathematics Mathematical Exercise (1)(2)
Calculus (1)(2) Linear Algebra(1)(2)
Applied Differential Equations Vector Analysis
Fourier Analysis and its Application Function Theory of One Complex Variable
Mathematical Statistics Algebra (1)(2)(3)
Geometry (1)(2)(3)

Department of Physics

Fundamentals of Mechanics Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Electromagnetics(1)(2)(3)(4)
Fundamentals of Electromagnetics Laboratory Physics
Theory of Relativity

Department of Chemistry, Biology, and Geology

Chemistry (1)(2) Molecular Structure
Biophysical Chemistry Laboratory Chemistry
Biology (1)(2) Laboratory Biology
Earth and Planetary Sciences (1)(2) Laboratory Earth and Planetary Sciences
Introduction of Environmental Science Environmental Science and Society
History of Science and Technology International Field Program (1)(2)

Department of Informatics Education

Information Literacy (1)(2) Introduction to C Programming
Introduction to Computer Systems Numerical Analysis
Introduction to Software Engineering

Foreign Language Education Center

Required Courses
Study Skills Reading & Writing (1)(2)
Communication Skills (1)(2) TOEIC Preparation
English Elective Courses
Academic English Seminar English Grammar
Advanced TOEIC Learning English through Sports
English listening comprehension Advanced Reading
Learning English through Movies English for Career Preparation
Learning English through Music Academic Writing and Presentation
Learning English through Literature Survival English
Reading News in English Sci-Tech English
Cultural Comparison Modern Society
Second Foreign Languages Courses
German (1)(2) French (1)(2)
Spanish (1)(2) Italian (1)(2)
Chinese (1)(2) Korean (1)(2)
Arabic (1)(2)

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Academic Staff


  1. (1) Educational Methodologies Based on Subject Education
  2. (2) Content and Material in Mathematics Education
  1. 1) The American Identity
  2. 2)Media and Diversity
  1. (1)Rugby serious injury accident
  2. (2)Tackle
  3. (3)Concussion
  1. Self-regulated learning
  1. Applied ethics, Bioethics, Philosophy of language,

Associate Professor

  1. Conversation Analysis
  2. Pragmatics
  3. Interactional Linguistics
  1. positive definite functions on semigroups
  1. (1)Sengoku daimyo theory
  2. (2)Diplomatic negotiations between Sengoku daimyo and the diplomat in charge of it
  3. (3)Transitional research from the Middle Ages to the early modern period in Japan
  4. (4)Diplomatics(Historical materials)
  5. (5)Research on the memorial service request rearranging book (past book) from Koyasan
  1. (1) phonology
  2. (2) Grammar
  1. (1) Literary writing; Journalism; Modern Literature; Applied Linguistics
  1. Phonology
  2. English Writing
  3. Materials Science


  1. the designated manager system, public sports facilities
  2. handball, coaching, physical characteristics
  1. (1)Development of Teacing plans in the chemistry education curriculum

Assistant Professor

  1. Analysis of ICT skills of first-year university students
  2. Learning analysis of LMS activity