Other Facilities

Information Technology Center SC (Setagaya Campus)

The Information Technology Center is responsible for the series of information education from basic information education to summaries of findings. It should be noted that it provides you with the environment to freely use a computer, and even highly professional software used in the area of engineering such as Ansys, Matlab, and AutoCAD. It also offers an environment for parallel calculation utilizing more than 100 computers, meeting the needs of research requiring high-speed calculations. In addition, it plays a role as a hub of the in-university network providing access to the Internet. Aiming at enhancing your skills in information technology, we deliver seminars on image processing, software development, server OS, etc., as well.

Instrumental Analysis Center (Setagaya Campus)

Instruments for analysis are necessary for the development of industrial materials and the evaluation of its properties. The center has 13 high-performance instruments such as high resolution analytical electron microscope, scanning electron microscope, electron probe micro analyzer, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and X-ray diffractometer. These instruments are used for studies by graduate and undergraduate students, the faculty and other researchers. In addition, the staff is improving our skill to have leadingedge analysis techniques.

Information Technology Center YC (Yokohama Campus)

The center is a hub for research and education concerning information networks, media, and computers. It has cutting-edge facilities including the Media Hall where you can create multimedia content using professional equipment, the Visual Media Room equipped with virtual studios and an editing room, and the Presentation Lab with a multimedia platform.

Media Hall

It provides you with professional equipment to produce multimedia works. It also can be used as a free space, acting as a precious place for brainstorming among students.

Child-rearing Support Center (Setagaya Campus)

A glassed-sided bright and spacious facility. At this childcare site used by about 110 parents and children a day on average, students learn childcare and child-rearing support through direct conversations with parents and communication with children.

Atomic Energy Research Laboratory (Ozenji Campus)

This facility was founded to conduct basic research in nuclear power. A small reactor for research started operation in January 1968 and had been used for research for the enhancement of the safety of reactors, cancer treatment using neutrons, super-microelement analysis, etc. In 1975, it became a shared facility among public and private universities nationwide, receiving support from the government, and had been used by many researchers and students. The reactor stopped operation in 1989, and all the fuel was carried out after its abolishment was decided in 2003. In 2008, the Department of Nuclear Safety Engineering was established based on past experience and achievements and has been using the important facility and equipment to foster nuclear engineers.