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Urban Life Studies

Introduction of Field of Study

Urban Life Studies Field

“Urban Life Studies” is a brand new academic field which we have been exploring. The keyword of Urban Life Studies is “Creating Quality of Urban Life” in modern urban society. The main research methodology is approached with combination of social science and spatial design, and we have four research sub field such as “Urban Lifestyle”, “Urban Project Management”, “Urban Design” and “Urban Social System”, which includes both business management and aesthetic points of view, in order to develop unique, practical and creative human resources.

Educational Goals and Outcomes

For education and research in this field, efforts based on interdisciplinary, cross-border comprehensive approaches, and understanding are indispensable. The Urban Life Studies Course provides research guidance and classes that help students become motivated and to acquire the knowledge, skills, and way of thinking to handle newly emerging situations. From the first year, students have many and various opportunities for presentations and a poster session in English, an interim presentation of the master’s thesis, and the final presentation of the thesis. These occasions help students acquire skills to convey their knowledge to the society.

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Academic Staff


  1. 1)Coraborative Platform for Commuity-based Social Innovation
  2. 2)Wellbeing Literacy and Technology
  1. (1) Spatial Planning
  2. (2) Public Policies on Urban Issues
  1. (1)Urban Planning,Customer attraction science, customer attraction space theory
  2. (2) Big data, AI technology
  3. (3) Regional creation, SDGs
  4. (4) Creating attractive spaces using historical cities and natural resources, utilizing and revitalizing museums and cultural exchange facilities
  1. (1)Public Space Management
  2. (2)Public Private Partnership
  3. (3)Urban Landscape
  1. (1) Crowd simulation on BIM
  2. (2) Research on residential windows that improve refreshing abilities
  1. (1) Project and Program Management
  2. (2) International Cooperation (Intervention from outside for value creation including international points of view)
  3. (3) Capacity Development of persons and organizations
  1. (1)Balance forecast Monte Carlo method
  2. (2)Review of public enterprise accounting
  1. 1. Impact of population decline on cities, real estate and infrastructure
  2. 2. Growth strategies of Japanese companies under declining population
  3. 3. Entry strategies of Japanese companies in global business
  4. 4.Innovation business strategies such as new business for growth and business model reform
  5. 5.Regional revitalization

Associate Professor

  1. Regional Economics & Innovation dynamics
  2. Network Analysis & GIS
  3. Urban Digital Transformation
  4. EBPM(Evidence Based Policy Making)
  5. International Studies of Urban and Regional Planning
  1. (1) The influence of human activities on impression of urban landscape
  2. (2) The effectiveness of considering human activities in building consensus on public space planning
  1. (1)Marketing
  2. (2)Brand strategy
  3. (3)Public relations strategy
  1. (1)Urban Design by Cross Sector
  2. (2)History of urban space formation