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Biomedical EngineeringBiomedical Engineering


Biomechanics and Measurement EngineeringBiomechanics and Measurement Engineering

Master's ProgramDoctoral Program

Various technological subjects on clinical treatments, life supports, and welfare services are investigated. Based on mechanical and electronic technologies, a surgical robot, remote surgical system, artificial organs, life-supported machines, energy transform systems are developed. Moreover, acoustic signal processing, auditory characteristics, and precise electrical measurements are investigated.

Bioelectronics EngineeringBioelectronics Engineering

Master's ProgramDoctoral Program

This field supports medical care by unobtrusively monitoring the state of patients during their daily lives and providing concrete numeric values for stress and fatigue that were difficult to express in numbers. Research subjects in this area encompass health monitoring, ubiquitous health care, electrophysiological functions, and biometric authentication.

Bio-Virtual EngineeringBio-Virtual Engineering

Master's ProgramDoctoral Program

This field supports sensing technologies down to the molecular level from sensation receptors such as those used for smell and taste to establish interface structures between living organisms and equipment. Research subjects in this area include biosensors (taste, odor, DNA, and antigen-antibody et al.) and biocompatibility improvement of life-body implantation type bio-nano sensor based on carbon nanotube.

Bio-Cognitive EngineeringBio-Cognitive Engineering

Master's ProgramDoctoral Program

This field transplants the higher order functional processing of the human brain, such as that used for diagnosis by medical imaging, to artificial algorithms and analyses complex systems such as living organism homeostasis. Research subjects in this area include medical image processing, neural networks, automatic diagnosis, and chaos analysis of living organisms.