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Urban Life StudiesUrban Life Studies

Introduction of Field of StudyIntroduction of Field of Study

Urban Life Studies Field

Urban Life Studies is an interdisciplinary course built based on a new perspective with the aim of creating a new life and work style in an ever-changing urban environment within the context of increased urbanization, a low birth rate and an aging population, environmental problems, and informatization. The subjects of research and study are 1) urban culture as a source of attraction, 2) cities as the stage for such culture, 3) houses as resting places for the people within the culture, and 4) infrastructures and transport to sustain the urban life. In the curriculum, weight is attached to commercial science and business administration studies. The methodologies of comprehensive social science are pursued, while employing the methodologies of engineering and the arts (technology, design, and formative arts) based on those for society (ordinary people, markets, etc.). The Urban Life Studies Course of the Graduate School is a place for more sophisticated studies and research and develops the outcome from the undergraduate course much further. Classes and research guidance are offered at the Todoroki Campus. The Course is composed of the Introduction, Urban Administration and Economy, Urban Management, Urban Design, and Infrastructure Management with the goal of becoming a place for comprehensive science, as well as education and research. The purposes are to design and develop the space, products, and services of a new era in response to the needs of ordinary people and to manage the business for sustainable operation. The goal is to produce human resources who can work with specialists in each field; determine the needs of ordinary people; draw up a plot or plan based on needs; promote, manage, and operate projects; and excel at planning and execution.

Educational Goals and OutcomesEducational Goals and Outcomes

For education and research in this field, efforts based on interdisciplinary, cross-border comprehensive approaches, and understanding are indispensable. The Urban Life Studies Course provides research guidance and classes that help students become motivated and to acquire the knowledge, skills, and way of thinking to handle newly emerging situations. From the first year, students have many and various opportunities for presentations and a poster session in English, an interim presentation of the master's thesis, and the final presentation of the thesis. These occasions help students acquire skills to convey their knowledge to the society.

PROFESSORSProfessors for Master's and Doctoral Courses instructed by English


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