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  • Asia Oceania Five Universities Alliance Joint Management Committee (On Line) 3rd Dec. 2021

Asia Oceania Five Universities Alliance Joint Management Committee (On Line) 3rd Dec. 2021

Joint Management Committee of Asia/Oceania Five Universities Alliance (AOFUA) held on 3rd December


AOFUA is a partnership of five universities – De La Salle University (Philippines), Edith Cowan University (Australia), SIIT (Thailand), Tokyo City University (Japan) and UTM (Malaysia) – to promote specific exchange programs.


The meeting was attended by Dr.Chitoshi MIKI, President of Tokyo City University and Br.Bernard OCA FSC, President of De La Salle University. and the members of the committee.

At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Miki stated the significant progress of the collaboration between the five universities and proposed to publish this activity to international journals.

Br. OCA appreciated the value of this partnership as the collaboration of many universities is essential to overcome COVID 19.


During the meeting, information was shared on the situation surrounding the collaboration between universities and a review of the most significant event of 2021, the Virtual Summer Camp, was made.


The results of a survey from students who participated in the Virtual Summer Camp were discussed. Lessons learned were shared, including the meaningful stimulation it provided for students, the content of strong interest to students and how to promote it, and the importance of continuing to enhance the camp in the future.


It was also suggested that, in order to revitalize the activities of the alliance, it would be necessary to establish a new system that would allow a broader approach within each university than just the AOFUA members within each university.


Finally, Tokyo City University reported that “the Sakura Science Exchange Program, a program of the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, could now be implemented in regions other than Asia, and called for the active participation of the universities of the Alliance.