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Official Title Associate Professor
Affiliation Medical Engineering, Faculty of Science and Engineering
Profile Our research focuses on the development of non-oxide ceramics, mainly borides, and their application in biomaterials and in space engineering field . We also focus on the evaluation of the biocompatibility of materials and the elucidation of their mechanisms.
Research Field(Keyword & Summary)
  1. Surface modification of metallic materials and examination of the biocompatibility

    ーSurface Modification of Ti with Shot Peening ーEvaluation of Cell Adhesion and Proliferation of Titanium and Other metallic materials

  2. Development of Thermal Protection System for Re-entry Space Vehicles

    ーMechanism of static and dynamic oxidation behavior of SiC and ZrB2-SiC

  3. Development of an arc heating wind tunnel

    ーHigh-enthalpy supersonic flow using a reactive gas as the working fluid to simulate reentry environment

  4. Microstructural evolution mechanism of transition metal diborides

    Investigation of quasi-ternary TiB2-W2B4-CrB2 composite

Representative Papers
  1. Ai Momozawa, Norihiro Yokote, Daigo Terutsuki, Kimiya Komurasaki “Dynamic oxidation of SiC with arc-heated plasma wind tunnel and laser heating” Vacuum Volume 185, (3-4), (2021), 109899
  2. Momozawa, A., Telle, R., “X-ray diffraction study of TiB2, W2B4, and CrB2 at high temperatures.” Vacuum. Volume 167, (2019). Pages 577-585
  3. Momozawa A, Koike, W; Nakamura, S; Kato, H; and Takagi, K; ”Effect of Mn content on the properties of TiC/TiB2 base cermets” Solid State Sciences, Volume 14, Issues 11–12, (2012), pp 1729–1733
  4. Momozawa A.; Tu R.; Goto T.; Kubota Y.; Hatta H.; K. Komurasaki;” Quantitative evaluation of the oxidation behavior of ZrB2-15 vol.%SiC at a low oxygen partial pressure”, Vacuum, Volume 88 (2012) 98-102
  5. Momozawa, A.; Telle, R “Controlled precipitation of W2B4 platelets and of β-WB nanolaminates for the in situ reinforcement of ternary TiB2-W2B4-CrB2 ceramics” European Ceramic Society, Vol.32, 11, (2012) 985-95
  6. Momozawa, A.; Taubert, S.; Nomura, S.; Komurasaki, K.; Arakawa, Y.; „Nitriding of Zirconium Cathode for Arc-Heater Testing in Air”, Vacuum, Vol.85, 5 (2010) 591-595
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research Support: Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS)
Recruitment of research assistant(s) No
Education Field (Undergraduate level) Material science, Mechanics
Education Field (Graduate level) Material science