Name KOBAYASHI Chihiro
Official Title Lecturer
Affiliation Cell Bioengineering
Profile I am conducting research using a combination of cell engineering and electrophysiology, and I am mainly investigating the effects on cells and living organisms in medical applications. Specifically, we are conducting complex research on themes such as hepatocyte regeneration technology that can be used for living-donor liver transplantation, research on tissue construction using a three-dimensional culture method, and research on acupuncture.
Research Field(Keyword & Summary)
  1. (1) Cell engineering

    In recent years, research on regenerative medicine has been widely conducted, and stem cells such as iPS cells (induced pluripotent stem cells) and ES cells (embryonic stem cells) are often used. However, on the other hand, this method has many problems such as safety and cost, difficulty and complexity of the manufacturing process. Therefore, I am conducting research aimed at simple and short-time in vitro culture by combining "ECM (extracellular matrix)" and "autologous cells".

  2. (2) Artificial organ

    In recent years, organ transplantation in the medical field has made remarkable progress. On the other hand, the number of organ donations is far short of the number of patients eligible for transplantation, and treatment is not sufficient. Therefore, I researched "establishment of a three-dimensional culture system for cells in vitro" and "an attempt to construct a tissue for transplantation using co-stimulation of electricity and drugs" with the aim of solving the problem of organ transplantation.

Representative Papers
  1. Ayaka Suetsuna, Kohei Minemura, Kosuke Sasaki, Yuichi Shimatani, Chihiro Kobayashi, Effects of ursodeoxycholic acid and electrical stimulation on liver cells, 20 th SICE SI 2019, Takamatsu/Japan, 2019
  2. Mayu Saotome, Masahiro Tatsuta , Kohei Minemura, Chihiro Kobayasi, Yuichi Shimatani, Consideration of evaluation method in three-dimensional liver building using a scaffold, 20 th SICE SI 2019, Takamatsu/Japan, 2019
  3. Takamichi Hirata, Hiroki Watanabe, Sayaka Matsuda,Chihiro Kobayashi, Yoshiki Kudo, Mitsutoshi Iwashita, Akira Mori, Disease Treatments with Plasma Irradiation/Inhalation, Journal of the Society of Electrostatics 41(3), 149-152, 2017
  4. Chihiro Tsutsui, Takamichi Hirata, Akira Mori, Cell/Tissue activation using micro-spot atmospheric pressure plasma, The 1st International Workshop on Nano-Carbon Materials and Plasma Life-Science (IWNMPL) , Chuncheon/Korea, September 2015
  5. Chihiro Tsutsui, Minjoo Lee, Genu Takahashi, Shigeru Murata, Takamichi Hirata, Takao Kanai, Akira Mori; Treatment of Cardiac Disease by Inhalation of Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Flow, Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 53, No. 1, p060309-1- p060309-3, 2014
  6. Chihiro Tsutsui, Yukiko Yokoi, Tatsuki Narita, Keiko Yamazaki, Takamichi Hirata; Investigation of Biocompatibility Improvement of Carbon Nanotube for Implantable CNT-Based Sensor, Medical and Biological Engineering, Vol. 52(2), p113-119, 2014
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research Support: Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS)
Recruitment of research assistant(s) No
Affiliated academic society (Membership type) Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering. (Regular member)
Education Field (Undergraduate level) Physiology, Biochemistry, Molecular biology
Education Field (Graduate level) Genetic engineering