Name TAKAKI Naoyuki
Official Title Professor
Affiliation Department of Nuclear Safety Engineering
Profile Dr. Naoyuki Takaki has served as a professor of the nuclear safety engineering department at Tokyo City University since 2012. His major specialty includes nuclear reactor physics, advanced reactor design and nuclear transmutation.
After graduating from Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1992, he had charged with developing commercial fast breeder reactor for 16 years at Nuclear R&D Center and head office of Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO). He had worked as a professor for 4 years at Tokai University, where he contributed to restore the department of nuclear engineering before arriving at current post.
Along with over 75 open literature scientific articles, he has published three translated books of AMERICA THE POWERLESS: Facing Our Nuclear Energy Dilemma (1999), RADIATION AND MODERN LIFE: Fulfilling Marie Curie’s Dream (2006), and FAST SPECTRUM REACTORS (2016). Dr. Takaki currently serves as a chairperson of specialists committee on “Thorium nuclear energy system” in Atomic Energy Society of Japan.
Research Field(Keyword & Summary)
  1. (1) Advanced reactor concept

    Fast breeder reactor, CANDLE reactor (Travelling wave reactor / Breed and burn reactor), Water cooled thorium breeder reactor based on LWR technology, Molten salt fast reactor, High flux test reactor, LWR with coated particle fuel, High temperature gas cooled reactor, Core design for effective use of thorium in LWR, FBR and HTR, Accident tolerant fuel

  2. (2) Nuclear transmutation

    Ac-225 production for Targeted Alpha Therapy, Medical isotope such as Mo/Tc-99m production in thermal and fast reactor, Transmutation of minor actinides (MA), Transmutation of long-lived fission products (LLFP), Nuclear Alchemy (for gold or rare material production)

  3. (3) Nuclear energy for space

    Nuclear propulsion rocket engine, Small and long-life reactor for space exploration, Radioisotope thermoelectric generator (RTG), Compton effect battery using nuclear waste

  4. (4) Cross cutting studies

    Strategic deployment scenario of advanced reactors and related nuclear facilities, Cost analysis of nuclear energy system, Proliferation resistant nuclear energy system, Fuel loading pattern optimization using artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithm, etc.

  5. (5) Studies related to Fukushima accident

    Criticality analysis of fuel debris, Molten fuel removal technology without re-criticality, Neutron absorber material design for debris removal

Representative Papers
  1. (1) Widiawati, N.| Su'ud, Z.| Irwanto, D.| Permana, S.| Takaki, N.| Sekimoto, H. (2021).Enhancing the performance of a long-life modified CANDLE fast reactor by using an enriched 208Pb as coolant. Nuclear Engineering and Technology,53(2) 423-429
  2. (2) Wakabayashi, T.| Takahashi, M.| Chiba, S.| Takaki, N.| Tachi, Y. (2019).Core concept of simultaneous transmutation of six LLFP nuclides using a fast reactor. Nuclear Engineering and Design,352
  3. (3) Chitose, K., Takaki, N. (2019).Convex shaped FBR core with graded size pins to prevent re-criticality during Core Disruptive Accident. Annals of Nuclear Energy,127364-371
  4. (4) Hirose, K.| Nishio, K.| Tanaka, S.| Leguillon, R.| Makii, H.| Nishinaka, I.| Orlandi, R.| Tsukada, K.| Smallcombe, J.| Vermeulen, M.J.| Chiba, S.| Aritomo, Y.| Ohtsuki, T.| Nakano, K.| Araki, S.| Watanabe, Y.| Tatsuzawa, R.| Takaki, N.| Tamura, N.| Goto, S.| Tsekhanovich, I.| Andreyev, A.N. (2017).Role of Multichance Fission in the Description of Fission-Fragment Mass Distributions at High Energies. Physical Review Letters,119(22)
  5. (5) Chiba, S.| Wakabayashi, T.| Tachi, Y.| Takaki, N.| Terashima, A.| Okumura, S.| Yoshida, T. (2017). Method to Reduce Long-lived Fission Products by Nuclear Transmutations with Fast Spectrum Reactors. Scientific Reports,7(1)
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  8. (8) Takaki, N., Sekimoto, H. (2008).Potential of CANDLE reactor on sustainable development and strengthened proliferation resistance. Progress in Nuclear Energy,50(2-6) 114-118
  9. (9) Permana, S., Takaki, N., Sekimoto, H. (2007).Feasible region of design parameters for water cooled thorium breeder reactor. Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology,44(7) 946-957
  10. (10) Takaki, N. (2000).Neutronic potential of water cooled reactor with actinide closed fuel cycle. Progress in Nuclear Energy,37(1-4) 223-228
  1. 1) Target assembly for transmutation of long-lived fission products in fast reactor (2020)
  2. 2) Ac-225 production using commecial light water reactor (2020)
Award 2007 General manager award (TEPCO)
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research Support: Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS)
Research Grants/Projects including subsidies, donations, grants, etc. 1) MEXT Nuclear Energy System Development Initiative, "Convex-shaped core to eliminate re-criticality during core disruptice accident" (2015-2018)
2) MEXT Nuclear Energy System Development Initiative, "Long-lived fission product transmutation usinf fast spectrum reactor" (2017-2019)
3) MEXT Nuclear Energy System Development Initiative, "Research and development on self-sufficient medical isotope production technology using domestic nuclear infrastructure" (2020-2022)
Recruitment of research assistant(s) Yes (2 persons)
Affiliated academic society (Membership type) Atomic Energy Society of Japan, Japanese Society of Nuclear Medicine
Education Field (Undergraduate level) Introduction to nuclear energy, Nuclear reaction engineering, Nuclear Reactor Physics, Nuclear energy plant systems,
Education Field (Graduate level) Advanced nuclear engineering, Advanced nuclear reactor design engineering, Nuclear policy and nuclear application