Name HORIBA Hiroshi
Official Title Professor
Affiliation Architectural Design
Profile My specialty is research and education about architectural plan and design. I have designed public and school buildings mainly, and some architectures have received prizes. I research ways to create public architecture that can gain new needs and peoples’ sympathy in modern society by making use of the area and place characteristics through various surveys and close observations. I also conduct research on new architectural designs that integrate new architectural structures, methods, materials, environmental technologies, including medium-sized buildings using of wood.
Research Field(Keyword & Summary)
  1. (1)Architecture design

    We are making design proposals and practices in the real world, as research on new public buildings that meet social demands. We propose a new way of public space.

  2. (2)Architecture planning

    Through design practice, we aim to build a design method based on the data that supports the design. We study the planning method for recording the activity of a person and diversifying the activity based on it.

  3. (3)City planning

    We study mainly the field in Tokyo with the aim of discovering new places in modern cities. By discovering and describing, we aim to rediscover the charm and utilize it in town development.

  4. (4) Architectural history, preservatio and utilization

    Mainly on the preservation of modern architecture and traditional streetscapes, we study the ideal way of living heritage that coexists with people's lives and activities there. We record the current situation and make proposals such as utilization.

Representative Papers
  1. “Kanazawa Umimirai Library” : Making a large space by a “punching wall” and thin round pillars
  2. Public architecture in collaboration with the community: "Kanazawa Umimi Mirai Library" and "Yamaga Elementary School" : UIA 2017
  3. Architecture Urban Design , Oct. 2016
Award JIA Tohoku Arvhitecture Award 2020 ( Miyanomori Elementary School), Public Buidings Award 2020 ( Yamaga Elementary School), AIJ Annua Architectural Design Commendation 2019 (Miyanomori Eementary School), Japan Wood Design Award 2019 (Miyanomori Elementary School),JIA Chugoku Architecture Award 2018 (Roadside Station Bingo Fuchu),JIA Grand Prix 2015(Yamaga Elementary School),2015 Good Design Award 2015 ( The University DINING), Annual Architectural Design Commendation of the Architectural Institute of Japan 2015( Kanazawa Umimirai Library),Design For Asia Gold Award (Kanazawa Umimirai Library ),2012 IIDA the best of Asia Pasific Design Awards, Annual, Prize of AIJ 1997 (Chiba Municipal Utase Elementary School)
Affiliated academic society (Membership type) The Japan Institute of Architects ( Regular member)
Architectural Institute of Japan (Regular member)
Tokyo Society of Architects and Building Engineers ( Regular member)
Public Buildings Asoociation (Regular member)
Education Field (Undergraduate level) Archtecture design, Architecture planning, City planning, Archtectural history, preservation and utiaization
Education Field (Graduate level) Archtecture design, Architecture planning, City planning, Archtectural history, preservation and utiaization