Name NAGAOKA Hiroshi
Official Title Professor
Affiliation Civil and Urban Engineering
Profile After finishing phD course in the Univ. Tokyo, biofilm process and membrane technologies for water and wastewater treatment have been major research topics in Musashi institute of technology and Tokyo city university. Especially researches on membrane bioreactors have been of high reputation in academic and business world. Influence of hydrodynamic conditions on the performance of MBR has been published in research papers and these results are expected to contribute to energy consumption in MBRs. Contribution and influence to water supply and sewage works in Japan have been of high performance in recent years.
Research Field(Keyword & Summary)
  1. Membrane technology

    Application to water and wastewater treatment

  2. MBR

    Membrane fouling mechanism and fouling modelling

  3. Membrane fouling

    Fouling mechanism was studied using FT-IR and XRF

Representative Papers
  1. T.Nogushi, H.Nagaoka,S.Samshima,K.Toyooka:Effect of mountain-type baffle set between membrane unit and air diffuser on bubble flow profile over flat-sheet membrane and mitigation of fouling in submerged MBRsJ.JSCE2018,74,7,Ⅲ433-443
  2. Hiroshi Nagaoka:Future prospects of Energy saving water supply systemJ.water and Waste2012,Vol.54,No.10,784-788
  3. Hlwan Moe Zaw, Nagaoka,H.:Simulation of membrane fouling with consideration of the mixed liquor viscosity and the variation of the shear stress on the membrane surface,Water Science & Technology,2011,36,2,270?275,
  4. Nagaoka.H, Kurosaka,M., N.Shibata, M.Kobayashi:Effect of bubble flow velocity on drag-force and shear stress working on submerged hollow fibre membrane,Water Science and Technology,2006,54,10,185-192
  5. Sobu,M., Nagaoka,H.:Development of a simple defect-detector of water distribution system in buildings,Water Science and Technology: Water Supply,2006,6,2,261-266
  6. Nagaoka,H., Tanaka, A., Toriizuka,Y.:Measurrement of Effective Shear Stress Working on Flat-Sheet Membrane by Air-Scrabbling,Wat.Sci.Tech.:Water Supply,2003,3,44322,423-428
  7. Nagaoka,H., Nakano, T., Akimoto,D.:Modeling of mass transfer in biofilms in oscillatory flow conditions using k-e turbulence model,Wat.Sci.Tech.:Water Supply,2003,3,44198,201-207
  8. Nagaoka, H., Kono,S., Yamanishi, S., Miya, A.:Influence of Organic Loading Rate on Membrane Fouling in Membrane Separation Activatred Sludge Process,Water Science and Technology,2000,41,44480,355-362
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  10. Nagaoka,H., Ohgaki,S.:Mass Transfer Mechanism in a Porous Riverbed,Warer Research,1990,24,4,417-425
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research Support: Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS)
Recruitment of research assistant(s) Yes (1-2)
Affiliated academic society (Membership type) Japan society of civil engineers, IWA, Japan society of water environment
Education Field (Undergraduate level) environmenta engineering, hydraulics
Education Field (Graduate level) environmenta engineering, hydraulics