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Name OKA Makoto
Official Title Lecturer
Affiliation Computer Science, Intelligent Systems
Profile My specialty is Ergonomics and Human Computer Interaction (HCI). In the field of ergonomics, I am interested in safety and security, human characteristics, and usability. In the field of HCI, I am interested in new user interfaces, new user experiences, and intelligent assistance based on AI. My research style is to create prototypes and conduct evaluation experiments using the prototypes.
Research Field(Keyword & Summary)
  1. (1) UI/UX

    This research aims to propose a system or service that provides an unprecedented experience. For this research, we are using artificial intelligence and physical computing technologies.

  2. (2) Usabirity , Safety and Security

    This research amis to evaluate and analyze the ease of use, safety and security of existing systems and services.

Representative Papers
  1. (1) Feedback Control to a Static Target Angle in the Middle Finger Metacarpophalangeal Joint Using Functional Electrical Stimulation. Int. J. Hum. Comput. Interact. 36(15): 1476-1486 (2020)
  2. (2) Proposal for the Tablet-Based Disaster Response Evacuation Drill for Elementary School Children. HCI (4) 2020: 279-289
  3. (3) Interaction by Taking a Picture for Smartphone Generation. HCI (5) 2020: 338-349
  4. (4) Feedback Control of Middle Finger MP Joint Using Functional Electrical Stimulation Based on the Electrical Stimulus Intensity-Joint Torque Relation Model. HCI (4) 2020: 417-434
  5. (5) Investigation of Learning Process with TUI and GUI Based on Protocol Analysis. HCI (4) 2019: 352-361
  6. (6) Feedback Control to Target Joints Angle in Middle Finger PIP and MP Joint Using Functional Electrical Stimulation. HCI (5) 2019: 440-454
  7. (7) Proposal of Interaction Using Breath on Tablet Device. HCI (4) 2018: 267-278
  8. (8) nvestigation of Learning Process with TUI and GUI Based on COCOM. HCI (5) 2018: 331-339
  9. (9) Risk Reduction in Texting While Walking with an Umbrella-Typed Device for Smartphone. HCI (4) 2018: 572-581
  10. (10) Proposal of Educational Curriculum of Creating Hazard Map with Tablet-Type Device for Schoolchildren. HCI (4) 2017: 74-84
Recruitment of research assistant(s) No
Affiliated academic society (Membership type) (1)Japan Ergonomics Society (Member)
(2)Information Processing Society of Japan(Member)
(3)Human Interface Society(Member)
(4)The Japanese Society for Artificial Inteligence(Member)
Education Field (Undergraduate level) Ergonomics, Physical Computing, Programming, Information Literacy