Name KAKU Ikou
Official Title Professor
Affiliation Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Metaheuristics
Profile I am a professor in Department of Environmental Management and Sustianability, Tokyo City University. I received my Ph. D. Degree from the Department of Management Science and Engineering at Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1988. I have extensive experiences in software design and optimization methods of manufacturing systems. I had worked for two Japanese venture companies ten years ago as technical CEO of Q&D programs. My teaching and research interests include industrial engineering and operations management My current researches include Meta-algorithms for general multi level lot sizing problem, mathematical models and algorithms of Seru production systems, Data Mining Technology and its Application on Inventory Control. LaaS and MaaS with EV. My email address is
Research Field(Keyword & Summary)
  1. Logistics and Supply Chain Management Strategy

    I have studied multi echelon inventory system in early 80s, which later be called supply chain management, and also developed a software to support truck scheduling in distribution business.

  2. Meta-algorithms

    A lot of so-called AI aproaches have been developed like as Simulated anneling (SA), Genetic algorithm (GA), Particle swarm optimizations (PSO), Variable neighborhood search (VNS) and so on, to calculate so called combination optimization problem such as multi level lotsizingproblem, VRP and so on.

  3. Data Mining Technology and its Application on Inventory Control

    Developed association rules to treate relationships among inventory items and then develop related inventory policies.

  4. LaaS and MaaS with EV

    Research on new eVRP field, to develop a new plateform research in Maas and Laas, with an electric consideration.

Representative Papers
  1. 1. Yiyong Xiao, Xiaorong Zuo, Ikou Kaku, Shenghan Zhou and Xing Pan, Development of energy consumption optimization model for the electric vehicle routing problem with time windows, Journal of Cleaner Production, Volume 225, 10 July 2019, Pages 647-663
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  4. 4. Yang Yu, Sihan Wang, Jiafu Tang, Ikou Kaku, and Wei Sun, Line-seru conversion towards reducing worker(s) without increasing makespan: models, exact and meta-heuristic solutions、International Journal of Production Research, 55(0), 2990-3007, 2017.
  5. 5. Dongni Li, Rongxin Zhan, Dan Zheng, Miao Li, and Ikou Kaku, A Hybrid Evolutionary Hyper-Heuristic Approach for Intercell Scheduling Considering Transportation Capacity, IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering, VOL. 13, NO. 2, 1072-1089, APRIL 2016
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Award 1 Journal of Operations Management Jack Meredith Best Paper Award Honorable Mention Lessons from Seru Production on Manufacturing Competitively in a High Cost Environment (2018)
2 Asian Association of Management Science and Applications Outstanding Contribution His Outstanding Contribution to the ACMSA2015 (2017)
3 Decision Sciences Institute Case Studies Award Honorable mention Canon: Beyond Cellular Manufacturing (2008)
4 日本経営工学会論文集奨励賞 (1988)
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research Support: Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS)
Recruitment of research assistant(s) No
Affiliated academic society (Membership type) AAMSA(asian asosociation of management sicence and applications,) senior member JIMA(Japan industrial management association) senior member JIIE(Japan institute of industrial engineering) senoir member
Education Field (Undergraduate level) Math
Industrial Engineering
Mathematical Programming
designing and execute some experiments in Industrial Engineering.
Education Field (Graduate level) Supply Chain Management and Advanced production management
designing and execute some experiments in Industrial Engineering.