Name OKUMURA Michihiro
Official Title Professor
Affiliation Media Studies
Profile I am a practitioner who had worked as a newspaper reporter and Internet media editor for over 20 years, and I specialize in Internet media.
Unlike the mass media, the Internet media is run by us, the citizens. On the other hand, the problems of the Internet media are sometimes pointed out. My job is to look at the light and shade of the Internet media and propose solutions.
The management of mass media companies is in a difficult situation. We will clarify the relationship between the dynamics that make up the online media and the content that circulates in the market. As mass media is weakened, IT platformers have taken power instead.We must observe how the new power is changing our society. Digital devices have made our lives more convenient, but we have become addicted to the Internet. Is there any way to get out of this? "Are we handling our media correctly?" This is the question I have in mind.
Research Field(Keyword & Summary)
  1. (1) Media industry

    Research on the collapse of journalism due to page-view supremacy and measures for its revival.

  2. (2) Information society

    Discussion of the invasion of Internet privacy and surveillance capitalism brought about by excessive commercialism

  3. (3) Research on digital editing practices

    Such as article writing, photography, and video recording, in digital manner.

Representative Papers
  1. How to Make Yahoo Topics , Kobunsha Shinsho, April 2010.
  2. Cats Rule the Media: Is There a Future for Net News?, Chuko Shinsho La Clef, May 2017
  3. Illustrated Media in Japan, NHK Publishing, November 2018
  4. "Yahoo Topics Update Diary : Supporting Japan's Top Sites," Asahi Shimbun Publishing, Journalism, January 2009
  5. "Between 'Information I Want to Know' and News Value: What News Means to Yahoo" Japan Newspaper Publishers Association, Newspaper Research, July 2009
  6. "Yahoo News Needs a News Mind: Training Editors from New Hires This Spring," Asahi Shimbun Publications, Journalism, March 2011
  1. patent application 2013-128976
  2. patent application 2010-293761
  3. patent application 2009-139590
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  5. patent application 2008-292600
Affiliated academic society (Membership type) The Japan Society of Information and Communication Research(Ordinary Member)
Education Field (Undergraduate level) Humanities