Name TAKADA Masayuki
Official Title Professor
Affiliation Sociology and Media Studies, Informatics
Profile My field of specialization is journalism theory, mainly studying the process of investigative reporting. I have worked as a journalist for 30 years at a prominent Japanese newspaper, where I was in charge of various investigative reports. I have won a number of prestigious awards. Based on these experiences, I aim to contribute to the development of freedom and democracy by studying the possibilities and limitations of investigative reporting and a better reporting system.
Research Field(Keyword & Summary)
  1. Investigative Journalism

    A Study of Its possibilities and limitations

  2. Internet media

    Research on new forms of investigative reporting using Internet media

Representative Papers
  1. (1)Masayuki Takada and Jun Oguro.(2011)"Power vs. Investigative Journalism." Junpou-sha,Tokyo
  2. (2)Masayuki Takada,Yuji Oonishi and Yoshiko Matsushima.(2016)." Investigative Journalism to get the power: How to report on the nuclear disaster, the Panama Papers, and the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty? " Junpou-sha,Tokyo
  3. (3)Are the media reporters assigned to police forces all over the country really for the purpose of "not allowing power to run amok"? , The Journalism, vol.320, Jan.2017
  4. (4)"Will the Press Abandon the Right to Know?" , SEKAI,vol.851,Jan.2014
  5. (5)"Consider the issue of press clubs and open press rooms." ,The Journalism,vol.237,Feb.2010
  6. (6)A Swedish Newspaper's Perspective on Crime Reporting in Japan. The Journalism,vol.232,Jun.2009
  7. (7)Rethinking the role of power monitoring'watch dog'. News Study,vol.640,Oct.2009
  8. (8)Masayuki Takada(2014) "Truth: The Day the Newspaper Kneeled Down to the Police".KADOKAWA,Tokyo
  9. (9)Masayuki Takada(2017) 'The techniques of communicating: A professional's guide to writing' Junpo-Sha,Tokyo
  10. (10) Investigative Reporting Seminar: How to Prevent the Deterioration of Reporting Capabilities, The Journalism,Vol.269,Oct.2012
Award NSK year’s Awards(1996 and 2004) NSK: The Japan Newspaper Publishers Editors & Association
Recruitment of research assistant(s) No
Affiliated academic society (Membership type) Japan Society for Study in Journalism and Mass Communication(full member)
Education Field (Undergraduate level) Theory of Journalism, Study of Contemporary Domestic Affairs, Global Media Studies, Case Studies Seminar
Education Field (Graduate level) Mass media in Modern society, Research Analysis and Seminar