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Name SAKAI Aya
Official Title Professor
Affiliation City Planning, Landscape Architectre, Architecture
Profile I am previously Associate Professor in the Department of Architecture and City Planning at Hokkaido
University(2007-2015), and lecturer in the Department of Architecture and City Planning at Yokohama National
University (2005-2007). I received the PhD from University of London in 2005, and the Master of Landscape
Architecture from Harvard University in 1996. As visiting researcher, I have spent a year in Oxford (1998-1999)
and half a year in University of California, Los Angeles (2001-2002), with funding supports from each institution.
With my architect qualification, I have various practical experiences in architecture at Japan Railway Company in
Tokyo (1989-1993) and then landscape architecture at Sasaki Associates in Boston (1996-1998).
I am author of more than fifty refereed articles in international journals, two single authored books, eight book
chapters, six major research papers. My PhD thesis is awarded by City Planning Institute of Japan in 2006. I have
also published widely in practitioner journals and outlets.
Research Field(Keyword & Summary)
  1. (1)Public Space Management

    Today globalized cities are promoting to vitalize public spaces, in order to attract more people and business, to
    enhance people’s lively urban life, to improve urban environment, to promote city identity and civic pride and so
    on. I am looking at factors to produce attractive public spaces through mainly following three aspects; urban
    policy and planning system to create and control public spaces, spetial design to derive lively urban life and
    management system to sustain good condition and update active use, through studies at cities in UK, the US
    and Japan.

  2. (2)Public Private Partnership

    Urbanized cities are searching for the ways in which to create and manage urban infrastructure including public
    spaces with innovative method and new technology. Public Private Partnership has been developed as methods
    to lead active urban development and then efficient urban infrastructure management. Particularly I am looking
    at Public Private Partnership method in the creation and management of public space through urban
    development happened in cities in the UK, US and Japan.

  3. (3)Urban Landscape

    Sustainable urban development is critical matter for cities and the society to continue to grow, and urban
    landscape is one of key factors to support such developments and management. Not only greenery vegetation
    and attractive townscape created through urban landscape design contributes to produce sustainabel urban
    environment, but also active urban life produced through urban landscape enhances urban social community. I
    am looking for the ways in which to evaluate urban landscape efforts particularly in process of creation and
    management of public space.

Representative Papers
  1. Sakai, Aya (2021) "Public Space Management in UK & USA" Gagugei Publisher
  2. Sakai, Aya (2017) ‘Transition and Implementation of Planning Obligation in England: Focusing on park improvement initiated by section 106 agreement’ Journal of Architecture and Planning 82(739) pp.2343-2349.
  3. Sakai, Aya(2015) ‘Inclusive Design Developed in Urban Built Environment : Focus on planning and designing for London Olympic/Paralympic Game’ Journal of Architecture and Planning 80(709) pp.669-676.
  4. Sakai, Aya(2014) ‘Management of Privately Owned Public Space Designated by Tokuteigaiku System: Towards Sustainable Management of Planning Gain Public Spaces-‘ Journal of the City Planning Institute of Japan 49(3) pp.1023-1028.
  5. Sakai, Aya(2014) ‘Planning Policy for the Management of Open Spaces in UK between 1995 and 2010’ Journal for Environmental Information Science 28 pp.319-324.
  6. Sakai, Aya(2014) "CABE: Architecture and Townscape" Kajima Publisher
  7. Sakai, Aya(2012) ‘Progression of Built Environment Education in UK since 2000’ Journal of Architecture and Planning 77(674) pp.847-854.
  8. Sakai, Aya (2011) ‘Re-assessing London Squares: Developing preservation policy, c.1880-1931’ Town Planning Review, vol.82 no.6, pp.615-637
  9. Sakai, Aya (2011) ‘The Hybridisation of Ideas on Public Parks: Introduction of western thought and practice into 19C Japan’ Planning Perspectives, vol.26 no.3, pp.347-371
  10. Sakai, Aya (2010) ‘Urban Landscape and Amenity in the Modernizing City: 19C Yokohama Foreign Settlement Japan’ HGRG (Historical Geography Research Group in Royal Geographical Society) Series, pp.87-94
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Award The Best PhD Thesis of the year 2006 awarded by City Planning Institute of Japan
The Shimoyama Award 2007 awarded by Japan Landscape Association
The Best Paper of the year 2008 awarded by City Planning Institute of Japan
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research Support: Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS) http://xn--https-163mk1h108c//
Recruitment of research assistant(s) Yes (1 person)
Affiliated academic society (Membership type) (1)CPIJ
Education Field (Undergraduate level) Area Management, Landscape Design,
Education Field (Graduate level) City Planning