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Name KITAMI Koichi
Official Title Associate Professor
Affiliation Faculty of Urban Life Studies, Department of Urban Life Studies
Profile Ph.D.(Business Administration). MBA (Master of Business Administration). After working as an associate professor at Hokkaido University and Manager of Dentsu Public Relations Inc., I have been in my current position since April 2017 . My specialities are in business administration, marketing, brand strategy, and public relations strategy.
I practice as a bridge between practice and academia, focusing on public relations. I am also a visiting professor at the Graduate School of Social Information Studies. I have written many books such as "Public Relations / PR Theory-Theory and Practice of Public Relations" (co-authored by Yuhikaku Publishing, 2014). Executive director of Japan Society for Corporate Communication Studies(2017-). Tokyo City University Advanced Research Laboratories Future City Research Organization (2017-), Urban Management Research Unit Director (2020-)
Research Field(Keyword & Summary)
  1. (1)Marketing

    Research on marketing activities in people living in cities, Research on marketing activities of local governments

  2. (2)Brand strategy

    Research on branding methods for urban and regional brands, Research on public relations activities that contribute to urban and regional brands

  3. (3)Public relations strategy

    Development of regional revitalization city promotion model with effect measurement by data

Representative Papers
  1. (1)Koichi Kitami, A consideration on the penetration of management philosophy and organizational culture -From a company questionnaire survey and case studies, Corporate Communication Studies, vol25, pp.103-111, 2021
  2. (2)(Co-authored) Masato Kamekawa, Hitomi Awaya, Koichi Kitami, "Corporate Theory of Markets and Innovation," Chuokeizai-sha, February 2020 (Kitami is in charge of "Chapter 6 Social Capital Outlook for Companies")
  3. (3)(Co-author) Tokyo City University Faculty of Urban Life, "Urban Innovation-Viewpoint of Urban Life Studies-" Asakura Shoten, December 2019 (Kitami is in charge of "Chapter 1 Urban Branding and Marketing")
  4. (4)(Co-author) Masamichi Shimizu, Shinichi Shibayama, Koichi Kitami et al. "Internal Communication Management-New Trends in Management and Public Relations by Utilizing People" Keidanren Publishing, February 2019 (Kitami "Chapter 3 Creating New Business" Focusing on "IC management at the core")
  5. (5)(Co-author) Jun Kanamitsu, "Social Capital and Management: Exploring Networks that Connect Companies and Society," Minerva Shobo, December 2018 (Kitami is in charge of "Chapter 8 Is it possible for companies to manage their reputation?")
  6. (6)(Co-author) Tomoki Kunieda, Koichi Yamamura, Junichiro Miyabe, "Public Relations in Japan: Evolution of Communication Management in a Culture of Lifetime Employment" Routledge, 2018/10 (Kitami is "chapter 8 The current situation of corporate public relations in Japan:" an attempt to assess comprehensive public relations activities from eight aspects ")
  7. (7)Koichi Kitami "Satisfaction of Urban Life and Representational Elements of Cities", Japan Marketing Academy, "Japan Marketing Academy Conference Proceedings" Vol.7, October 2018, pp.372-383
  8. (8)Koichi Kitami, Kanji Sakai, Yoshiyuki Suetsugu "Consideration of Attractive Elements of Companies and Purchasing Behavior", Japan Marketing Academy, "Japan Marketing Academy Conference Proceedings" Vol.6, October 2017, pp.195-205
  9. (9)Koichi Kitami, Ken Nagahama "Building a Corporate Attractiveness Model-Thinking about Evaluation and Communication of Attractive Companies-", Nikkei Advertising Research Institute, "Nikkei Advertising Research Institute Bulletin" No. 289, October 2016, pp.41 ~ 48
  10. (10)Koichi Kitami "Brand loyalty in the brand crisis-Consideration by analysis of content written on the net-", Hokkaido University, "Media Communication Research" No. 61, November 2011, pp.5-33
Award Japan Society for Corporate Communication Studies "Excellent Research Encouragement Award" (2010),
Japan Society for Corporate Communication Studies "Education and Practical Contribution Award" (2015),
Japan PR Association "PR Award Grand Prix" Category Best Award (2014, 2015)
Japan Marketing Academy Oral Session "Best Paper Award" (2017)
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research Support: Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS)
Affiliated academic society (Membership type) (1)Japan Society for Corporate Communication Studies
(2)Japan Marketing Academy
(3)Japan Academy of Advertising
Education Field (Undergraduate level) Business administration, Marketing, Brand strategy
Education Field (Graduate level) Business administration, Marketing, Brand strategy, Public relations strategy.