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Name AKIYAMA Yoshinori
Official Title Professor
Affiliation English and American literature, Modern English and American novel
Profile When I was an undergraduate student, I studied James Joyce in the Department of English Literature at Tokyo Metropolitan University. Later, I studied British literature and critical theory in the doctoral program at Tsukuba University. I wrote my master's thesis on James Joyce. Through my research at the graduate school, I was inspired to start studying modernist literature. I took a leave of absence from Tsukuba University and enrolled in graduate school at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in the United States. My advisor at the University of Wisconsin was Professor Ihab Hassan. For my master's thesis, I wrote a paper on portraits of British and American artists' novels. I am currently working on my doctoral thesis to be submitted to the University of Tsukuba Graduate School. I will be submitting it to the graduate school of the University of Tsukuba soon. The theme of my dissertation is the study of the liberal arts novel in modernist literature. In the past five years, I have written papers on James Joyce, Henry James, Oscar Wilde, Theodore Dreiser, Scott Fitzgerald, George Eliot, and Jean Rhys. I am currently continuing my study of railroads and pandemics in modernist literature.
Research Field(Keyword & Summary)
  1. Modernism, Postmodernism, Modern Literature

    Modern Novel in American and British Literature

Representative Papers
  1. Reviewed conference papers The Rhetoric of Maturity and New Economic Activity: George Eliot's The Mill on the River Floss Comparative Theory and Literature, University of Tsukuba, Vol 38, May 2020
  2. Journal Article The Artist of Language and the Growth of the Self: James Joyce's Portrait of a Young Artist Bulletin of the Faculty of General Education, Tokyo City University Vol 13 March 2020
  3. Journal Article Jamesian Anxiety and Its Economic Recovery: Aesthetic Growth and Anxiety in ""Roderick Hudson Bulletin of the Faculty of Common Education, Tokyo City University Vol 12 Mar. 2019
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research Support: Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS)
Affiliated academic society (Membership type) The English Literature Society of Japan
The American Literature Society of Japan
The English Language and Culture Society of Japan, Tsukuba Society of Comparative Literture
Education Field (Undergraduate level) Reading American Literture, Freshperson's English, Communication Skills, Reading and Writing
Education Field (Graduate level) Technical English Reading, Techinical English Writing